Donghak (동학) CLOSED DOWN

This location is now CLOSED as at December 2014

Name: Donghak (동학) Location: Soongsil Reviewed by:  Mamas & Papas on: July 30th, 2012 Thoughts:  This place only serves Dong Dong Ju and other liquors, which were served in traditional decanters.  It’s an old style hut, only seating on the floor with a dark cozy ambiance. LOCATION                                       FOOD Service:        **                              Dubu Kimchi (두부김치):  ** Style:             ***                            Deodeok gui (더덕구이):   **** Ambience:  **** OVERALL:   **** DONG DONG JU Donghakju (동학주):                     ****   (Nutty, sweet, cereal-like) Dong Dong Ju  (찹쌀동동주):     ***1/2  (Lemony, sour, smooth) The atmosphere was relaxed and we could stretch out and enjoy ourselves.  The traditional decor of straw, farming equipment and pictures of old freedom fighters made it easy to settle in for as long as we wanted. What Mamas & Papas liked :  The Donghakju.  It is a specialty of this house and it is made from 누룽지 (the scorched rice at the bottom of the pot) which gives it a unique flavor.  One Mama said it was like ‘Multigrain Cheerios’. Mamas & Papas were also impressed by the Deodeok gui (더덕구이).  It was was covered in a delicious sauce, and one vegan Mama gave it the stamp of approval.  Prices at Donghak are also very reasonable, you can eat and drink your fill without breaking the bank. What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The Dubu Kimchi.  It came out a bit too cold and was lacking in substance.  One Papa said it was ‘fairly standard as far as dubu kimchi goes’.   The service improved as the night wore on, though you will have to brush up on your calling out skills. *Special Note* The menu is all in Korean, including prices and without pictures. How to get there: It is very close to the subway station. So to get there, come out of Soongsil Station (Line 7) exit 2, and make a U-Turn.  You will see a Woori Bank on the corner of a small alley, turn right down this little street.  Donghak is the old looking hut on the right. 서울 동작구 상도동 119-24 Map Here Have you been to Donghak before?   Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!


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