Makgeolli in New York

Chelsea Bruck (left) has a long connection with Makgeolli Mamas & Papas, so we were very excited to see her and her business partner, Brandon Hill (right) in the news.  During their time in South Korea, the pair travelled around the country to different breweries, with our resident Dr. Makgeolli (Jo, Hyojin).  The long tour taught them several tricks of the makgeolli making trade.  Chelsea and Brandon are working their butts off right now to open up a makgeolli house in New York, where they will brew their own makgeolli!  We can’t wait to try it.

Check out the article (in Korean…translate works pretty well this time) to find out more!

Write a note below to show your support for Chelsea and Brandon!

Thoughts on this article?  Other experience with makgeolli abroad? Feel like leaving tips for those searching for anything makgeolli?  Comment away!


4 thoughts on “Makgeolli in New York

  1. Hi – came across this community by chance. I had makgeolli a few times at Korean bbq places, and really like the taste. I am very keen to try my hands at brewing my own makgeolli, although I have zero experience in brewing alcohol/beer/wine of any kind. I do hope to learn from all you gurus (or mamas or papas, I should say). Wish I could attend your meetings, but it’s not possible as I am 1000’s of miles away in Singapore 🙂

    1. Great that you’ve tried makgeolli even in Singapore! We’ve heard lots of people make their own makgeolli and we are working on putting to together links from all the people we can find who are documenting their experiences….so watch this space! Btw….let us know where you can get your makgeolli fix in Singapore so we can share it with other Mamas & Papas 🙂

  2. Hey MMP – do you have an idea on the progress of Chelsea and Brandon’s NYC Makgeolli set up since this article came out? Would love to get in touch with them.


    1. Hi Alice! We haven’t heard from them in quite some time, so we are not sure what’s going on with their project. If we hear anything at all, we will let you know! 🙂

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