Taste of Koreatown in L.A.

We have been finding, more and more lately that the Korean cultural staples are being sought out, experienced, and enjoyed around the world.  You know, just as well as us, that that includes MAKGEOLLLIIII.  This past weekend in L.A. (sorry about the late notice) there was an event named ‘Taste of Koreatown.’  The event  featured for from Palsaik (팔색) a small franchise from Seoul with one location in L.A.  There was also many types of Korean drinks including Kooksungdang (국숭당) makgeolli, one of our favorite green bottles!  We took a peek at the facebook page and seems like it was a blast…see you there next year?
It is always exciting for us to see folks outside of Korea interested in the countries food, culture and drink; it holds such a huge importance in Korea.
Here is the event article , you can also check out the events’ facebook page and website.  Check it out!
Thoughts on this article?  Other experience with makgeolli abroad or more specifically in the States? Did you go to this event? Feel like leaving tips for those searching for anything makgeolli?  Comment away!

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