More Expats Learning Makgeolli

Let’s face it.  Makgeolli Mamas & Papas could never have been realized without the continued support of our mentor Jo Hyojin, aka Dr. Makgeolli, and the team at Muldwinda and Susubori Academy.

So we were delighted to come across an article recently which featured Susubori, Hyojin, and a cast of other expat makgeolli lovers talking, studying, learning and brewing our favorite drink.

As well as drinking makgeolli, brewing makgeolli can be just as fun, and Susubori offers a range from one day classes to full certification courses.  Reading this article, we were so excited to see others who are just as into learning, brewing….and drinking as much makgeolli as they can get their fill.  Best quote of the article:

“I would never get tired of makgeolli.”

– Steve L. Herman, Bureau Chief of Voice of America.

Well Said Mr. Herman, well said!


Check out the full article here, and if you want to check out Susubori their website is here (though only in Korean).

Have you studied at Susubori?  Have you ever learned how to make makgeolli?  Let us know know your thoughts!


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