Makgeolli’s Makeover – Wall Street Journal

We get all a flutter when we see makgeolli making the headlines, especially when it graces such publications as the Wall Street Journal!  This piece by Andrew Salmon in the Korea Realtime blog  made some really great points about the direction of makgeolli.  The trendy boom has died down somewhat, and makgeolli is now establishing itself as here to stay.  It’s popularity overseas, especially in Asian countries, is something that we are hearing more and more about.


One part of the article  in particular that resonated with us is how to describe makgeolli in English.  Traditionally it gets called ‘Rice Wine’ though in reality it’s much more like ‘Rice Beer’.  We talk about it often, and these days Mamas & Papas tend to agree that even ‘rice beer’ doesn’t quite do it.  Makgeolli is just so unique, that eventually it should just be known as ‘makgeolli’, as there’s just nothing else like it!

We are very excited to see such good press for our favorite drink!

Check out the full article here.


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