That’s right, makgeolli has its very own day, and we couldn’t be happier!  Every year, the last Thursday of October is designated to celebrate our favorite drink.  This is the day that Haepssal makgeolli is brewed with newly harvested rice.  So what are we doing to celebrate?

Do you really need to ask?!!

We will most definitely be raising a bowl to the drink that gives us such happiness all year round, but that’s not all.  The Korea Traditional Liquor Festival will be held from today (October 25th) to Sunday October 28th.  There will be tastings from breweries all over the country, concerts, and the chance to make many different kinds of traditional liquor related products.

The best part about this festival is the location!  It’s at World Cup Park, one of our favorite parks in Seoul.  The mercury is dropping and it’s getting chilly out there, so this may be one of the few last chances to get out and enjoy the fresh air.


Where:  World Cup Park (World Cup Stadium Station Line 6)

When:   Thursday October 25th – 28th

Admission:  Free

Website:  English, Korean

Are you going to the festival?  Did you go last year?  Let us know your thoughts!


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