Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Name: Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Location: Jongno

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 12th January, 2013


Thoughts: Jongo Jumak is a 5 story makgeolli house with a traditional style interior. It is a young and lively place, which is more in the style of Korean Hofs than smaller makgeolli houses. Right in the centre of the nightlife district of Jongno, this place has large turnover of young people out for a good time.

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:       **** 1/2                              Assorted Jeon(파전):  ***1/2

Style:             ***

Ambience:  *** 1/2

OVERALL:  *** 1/2


Dong dong Ju (동동주):  ****  (thin, strong, citrus, sweet)

‘Jongno Jumak’ is a large operation with many floors to suit any number of people. The atmosphere is dark and traditional, and it was packed with young people enjoying a Saturday night.

What Mamas & Papas liked :   The atmosphere. Mamas & Papas enjoyed the lively but traditional style decor. Mamas & Papas also enjoyed the dong dong ju. Mamas & Papas all agreed that it was a very light, fresh and easy to drink. One Papa said It clears the tongue quite quickly, and there doesn’t seem to be an aftertaste’

IMG_5907What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The food platter. Mamas & Papas ordered a set which included a large platter of fruit, which all were in agreement didn’t really go well. One Papa said ‘Too much fruit, not enough jeon.’ Mamas & Papas also weren’t sold on the yogurt makgeolli cocktail, which came out a little too sweet.

Recommendation:  Jongno Jumak is a essentially a hof style house with a traditional atmosphere. If you are looking for a place with a lively atmosphere, able to to take large groups of people in the heart of the Jongno nightlife district, this is the place.

How to get there:
IMG_5905Mamas & Papas somewhat stumbled on this place, as there was a problem with our original reviewing plan. We therefore do not have the best directions as yet, but will be updating soon with an accurate location.

Phone Number:  02 739 7142 / 010 6363 0869

Have you been to Jongno Jumak before?   Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!


2 thoughts on “Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

  1. I took my friends to 종노주막 yesterday and, overall, it was just awful.

    To be fair, we ordered 막걸리, not 동동주, which may have been our first mistake. From looking at the many 동동주 options on the menu, I gathered this was not really a 막걸리 place. That being said, the first 막걸리 they tried to give us was “대박”. When we asked for something else, we had to settle for “장수”, or Seoul Makkeoli… They simply brought the bottle instead of putting it in a kettle and, perhaps worst of all, the 막걸리 was warm.

    We selected 육개장 from the menu but they said they didn’t have the ingredients for that so we ordered chicken wings instead. What we got were frozen wings that had been flash fried on a plate with some cheap cabbage and some slices of oldish looking banana and apple. The first bite into the chicken revealed that the meat was half-cooked and pink.

    The only good thing about this place is the atmosphere. Everything from the rafters to the knickknacks on the wall to the uneven tables feels rustic and traditional. I could see how this place would appeal to tourists who had no idea what good 막걸리 actually tastes like.

    To sum up, I got the sense that the ownership of this place has changed hands since MMPK were last there. There is no reason to throw your money away here.

    1. Thanks for the update Chris! This was definitely not on our list of high end makgeolli places, but it sounds like you had a really terrible time. Always appreciate the updates and added feedback 🙂

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