Makgeolli Cocktail File – Shandy Mak

Our second installment of the Makgeolli Cocktail Files saw us playing around with some classic beer cocktail recipes. Makgeolli is arguably more closely related to beer than wine, so we decided to see how it stands up to the ‘Shandygaff’.

Makgeolli Cocktail Shandy Mak
1/2 Cup of Berry Makgeolli (오미자 막걸리)
1/2 Cup of Ginger Ale
A dash of Grenadine

In a chilled glass, pour in the makgeolli then the ginger ale. Using the back of a spoon, pour the grenadine gently into the glass. It will separate nicely for a visual effect, but stir it up before drinking!

Remember: The key to all makgeolli cocktails is the type of makgeolli, and the flavor will change according to which makgeolli you choose. We enjoyed this sweeter kind (found at places like Hyundai Department Store) as it balanced well with the ginger ale and was a fresh, drinkable cocktail.

Have you tried this recipe? Had different results? Tell us what you think!


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