Makgeolli Cocktail File – Apple Cider Mak

This week’s makgeolli cocktail is based on the idea of a long, hard day and that feeling of something cold and bubbly at the end of it. Makgeolli is regularly mixed with what is called ‘cider’ in Korea, which is really more like sprite and is non-alcoholic. This cocktail uses alcoholic apple cider as the mixer which ups the carbonation and gives it a fruity twist. The result was a light, fresh and slightly sweet beverage that was dangerously easy to knock back.

Apple Cider Mak
Baedari Makgeolli (배다리 막걸리)
Crushed Apple Cider

Mix equal parts makgeolli and apple cider in a chilled glass, enjoy!

Remember: The key to all makgeolli cocktails is the type of makgeolli, and the flavor will change according to which makgeolli you choose. We used Baedari makgeolli, which is a light, slightly sour and carbonated makgeolli. This kind of cocktail will work best with the light & fresh kinds of makgeolli.

Have you tried this recipe? Had different results? Tell us what you think!


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