Makgeolli Cocktail File – The Makquiri

We turned our experiments towards the blended ices range of cocktails, and the first thing that came to mind was the daiquiri! For this cocktail we tried using frozen makgeolli and fresh makgeolli with ice, and without a doubt frozen had the best result.

1 Cup of Frozen Makgeolli
1 Handful of sliced fresh strawberries
4 Tablespoons of ‘I’m Real’ strawberry puree/juice
1 Tablespoon of simple sugar syrup
1 Shot of white rum
3 Squirts of lime juice
4 Ice cubes

Place the strawberries in the blender, and add the rum, sugar syrup and lime juice. Fill the blender with ‘I’m Real’ Strawberry juice until it just covers the strawberries. Add 1 cup of frozen makgeolli, and top it off with a few splashes of fresh makgeolli. If you have a small blender, blend first and then add 4 ice cubes and blend again. If your blender can handle it, add the ice cubes and blend it all in one go. Pour into chilled martini glasses and garnish with fresh strawberries, and enjoy!

*Note: If you’re trying this without using frozen makgeolli, add more
‘I’m Real’ for stronger flavor. When we tried this using just ice and makgeolli, it was a little more watered down than the original.

Remember: The key to all makgeolli cocktails is the type of makgeolli, and the flavor will change according to which makgeolli you choose. We used a fresh bean makgeolli, which is a light, slightly sour and carbonated makgeolli. This kind of cocktail will work best with the light & fresh kinds of makgeolli.

Have you tried this recipe? Had different results? Tell us what you think!


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