Makgeolli Cocktail File – The Makmosa

Got something to celebrate? Why not try our take on the Mimosa! We happened to have some champagne and orange juice in the fridge, so naturally we thought of throwing in a bit of makgeolli for good measure. We mixed equal parts for our cocktail, but it was a little heavy on the OJ flavor. We suggest holding back a little on the orange juice for a more balanced flavor

IngredientsMakgeolli Cocktail - The Makmosa

Orange Juice

Mix equal parts of all ingredients into a chilled glass….enjoy 🙂

Remember: The key to all makgeolli cocktails is the type of makgeolli, and the flavor will change according to which makgeolli you choose. We used light, fresh and sour makgeolli. This kind of cocktail will work best with the light & fresh kinds of makgeolli.

Have you tried this recipe? Had different results? Tell us what you think!


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