Snake Makgeolli to Celebrate 2013

It’s the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Snake, and to celebrate premium makgeolli company Baehyechongdo (배헤정도) has come up with their very own ‘Snake Makgeolli’. The company started the series in 2010 with a ‘Tiger Makgeolli’, the following year a ‘Rabbit Makgeolli’ and of course last year’s ‘Dragon Makgeolli’.

The unique features of this makgeolli is they use 100% Gyeonggi (경기) rice, and their unique processes retains the essential amino acids and high levels of dietary fibre. The alcohol content is also 10%, much higher than the usual 6%. Mageolli portal site Jurojuro (주로주로) manager said “We need to spread the culture involve makgeolli to society, to make makgeolli globalized even faster”. He also mentioned that the Chinese Zodiac Makgeolli Series is a limited edition and has a high collection value.


To read the full article in Korean you can check it out here

Have you tried Snake Makgeolli? Or any of the other Zodiac Makgeolli Series? Let us know what you think!


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