Makgeolli School – An Adventure in Tasting

Rating and Opening

A while ago our MMPK staff and a few die-hard makgeolli lovers got together for a night of education and tasting wonderment.  We wanted to improve our own knowledge of just what is out there, so we can then pass it on to our fellow Mamas & Papas.  We couldn’t have chosen a better place than Makgeolli School right near Isu station.

Ojingo Sundae

Makgeolli School InteriorThis tiny little place is a true makgeolli gem, with a fridge and makgeolli selection we dream of nightly.  When we told the owner, WonYooTaek (Paul), we wanted to have a night of makgeolli education with expats, he bent over backwards to help us select both a makgeolli and anjou menu.  He even saved us some footwork by sending us a file with the basic details of origin, ingredients and alcohol content.

Paul with bottle

On the night, he presented each makgeolli to us, giving extra tidbits of information that surprised us at every turn.  Education never tasted so good!

Knowing our capacity to forget things after a few bottles, each Mama & Papa was given a booklet to document their own experiences of each makgeolli and share their taste profiles.   We have put together those responses and give you and online pdf version of our exploits.

Check out what we sampled in all its full glory here: Makgeolli School Tasting

Makgeolli School bottles

Makgoelli School is able to stock such an impressive and extensive range of makgeolli because it really is a tiny spot.  Housing only 5 or 6 small tables, expect to have a wait or go early in the evening to get a place.  We can’t stress enough how awesome the sheer selection of makgeolli this place has, and if you can’t decide or need a recommendation, just ask Paul!

Makgeolli School Group Shot

How to Get There:  Come out of Isu station (line 7 & 4) exit 10.  Walk straight for a bit and take your first right.  Walk down this street until you come to Makgeolli School ( 막걸리 학교,) a tiny little bar on the right.

Address: 144-16, Sadang-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

Map: Here

Phone Number: 02-6012-6550

Have you been to Makgeolli School before?  Tried any of the makgeollis on our list?  Tell us what you think!


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