Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub: MENU

Who Are Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub ?

slow city

This is the most recent showcase bar, brewery & store of Baesangmyeon Brewery.  They are the force behind Neurin Maeul (느린마을) Makgeolli, which is an all chemical & aspartame free brew.  Their brew philosophy is all about the quality of ingredients and all natural processes.  They don’t just stop at makgeolli, they have an extensive range of rice & fruit wines, including premium infused soju.   They are also the same brewery which opened the very first makgeolli brewery outside of Korea ‘Slow City’ Makgeolli.  As this is a showcase bar & brewery, they also have a large selection of wines, sojus and makgeolli’s for take home purchase.

The Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu


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So What Do I Do for MMPK Makgeolli Week?

If you are headed to Neurin Mauel Brewery & Pub, DOWNLOAD OR PRINT THE COUPON ABOVE, and present it when ordering, and you will be given the MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu to choose from.  As this brewery is a much larger operation, if you do not have the coupon above, you will not be able to order the MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu.  You can save the picture to your smart phone, or print it out to show your waiter.

How Do I Get There?

Come out of Gangnam Station exit 9, and take your second right.  Follow the street for about 2 minutes and you will see Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub on the left, it is in the basement.  Below is a simple map (The old name was ‘Brewery B).

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The address is : 서초구, 서초4동 1316-28 우송빌딩B1   Ph:  (02) 5877 720 (Closed Sundays)

Tell Us Your Experiences!

If you check out Neurin Mauel Brewery & Pub, we want to know about it!  Take a picture of your makgeolli, food or friends and post them on our Facebook wall with a comment of your experiences.  Don’t forget to fill out the feedback card while your their with your details, as there will be a lucky prize winner at the end of MMPK Makgeolli Week.

We will be visiting each bar frequently, so hope to see you all there.  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at!

Happy MMPK Makgeolli Week Mamas & Papas :)

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