Makgeolli Day 2014 & Insadong Festival

This time of year is a busy one for the makgeolli and traditional liquor industry, with a number of festivals and events being held all over the country.   The last Thursday of every October is also Makgeolli Day!  This is a day dedicated to celebrating not just the drink itself, but all the hardworking brewers, industry professionals, and the fabulous fans of drinking our favorite brew.

This year Makgeolli Day falls on this Thursday October 30th, and to celebrate there will be a big festival in Insadong over the course of the weekend.  As far as we know the opening ceremony on October 30th will be by invite only, however there will be programs and events open to the public all weekend.  Unfortunately there is not much in the way of exact time information as yet, but we have requested more details and will be keeping everyone up to date via our Facebook page.    If you missed the chance to visit the Ilsan Makgeolli Festival a few weeks ago, this will be a great opportunity to make up for it!

makgeolli insadong street


When:   October 30th – November 2nd

Where:  Insadong Cultural Street / Ssamzie Gil

What:    Makgeolli tastings, Sommelier Booths, Exhibitions and Parade

makgeolli insadong festival


As a conclusion to the Opening Ceremony MMPK, Susubori Academy and Makgeolli Makers will be showcasing this year’s Expat Makgeolli Brewers Contest.  Ten of our keen makgeolli brewers, who have been studying techniques in our Brewing Mastery Course, have put together unique entries to be judged by attendees of the ceremony.   We will release the full results and a write up on the event shortly after it’s completion.


Of course it would only be fitting to have a celebratory bowl on Makgeolli Day, so why not check out one of MMPK’s Top 5 Makgeolli Bars of 2013 to raise a kettle!


Happy Makgeolli Day Mamas & Papas!!!




One thought on “Makgeolli Day 2014 & Insadong Festival

  1. Reblogged this on takjoo journals and commented:
    According to MMPK, the last Thursday in October is Makgeolli Day. So, 막걸리날 축하해요 (happy Makgeolli Day)! Makgeolli-related events will be happening from Thursday to Sunday this week in Insadong, Seoul.

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