Mat Gori 맛거리

Name: Mat Gori (맛거리)

Location: Hwagok

Reviewed by: Mamas and Papas on 27th September


Thoughts:  This is a spot for Makgeolli lovers and a great place to discover the variety of different beverages which belong to this fantastically diverse category of alcohol. The pun of their name sounds like Makgeolli but means Tasty Street in Korean. It is indeed a flavour filled location here as the fridges at Mat Gori are stocked full of most things from basic table makgeolli right up to some of the best premium non-aspertame bottles. They even on occasion have their home brewed magkeolli.


Service: **** 4 Stars

Style: *** 3 Stars

Ambience: *** 3 Stars

OVERALL: *** 3,5 Stars



Salad (Fresh, Nice dressing. “Just perfect” said one Makgeolli Mama) **** 4 Stars

Potato Based Pizza (Soft, Hash Brown Based, Little Soggy) *** 3 Stars

Recommended Makgeolli:

GeumJeong San 금정산성: (Tangy, Thick, Med/Full Body) *** 3.5 Stars

I-Sang-Hyung 이상현: (Dry Strong “Sophisticated”, Rich) ***** 4.5 Stars

Cheon Bi Hyang 천비향: (Creamy, Sweet, Floral, Boozy) **** 4 Stars

Moon Hui  문희: (Sweet, Fruity Citrus notes) *** 3.5 Stars


What We liked : The Makgeolli.

A bit of an obvious thing to say we liked, however this place keeps a full fridge of possibilities, and you can guarantee with the selection that available that there will be something to everyone’s taste. So if you prefer something light, fleeting and sweet and your companion is more of a full bodied, spirit loving, top shelf alcohol connoisseur then you can bet you will both leave satisfied with full bellies.  The prices at Mat Gori are also very reasonable so you can sample as much as you like without breaking the bank.

What we didn’t like: The Location.

The venue itself is a nice no thrills restaurant which is in equal measures comfortable and rowdy depending on your timing. However it’s location in Hwagok is a little bit awkward to find. While it is only a few minutes walking distance from the subway it is located on a little side street which may make it a little tough to find for first timers. Although really as far as makgeolli houses go this place is a solid contributor and it is hard to pick fault with anything that they do.


Recommendation: We would insist that you visit this place with a few of your friends, and soak up the lively atmosphere. It is a bustling, exciting place with the laughs and shouts of people having a good time over drinks. The staff their are willing to offer advice, so if you are looking to try new things or to find something that suits your taste, then feel free to ask and they will use the best of their knowledge and experience to appease your curious palate.


How to get there: Come out of Hwagok Station (화곡) line 5 exit 7.  Walk down the street and take your first right and follow this street a little way and you will see Mat Gori (맛거리) on the right hand side.

Address: 서울특별시 강서구 화곡3동 1065

Map: Here

Have you been to Mat Gori before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!


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