MMPK Groove Magazine Article

At the tail end of 2014 we were approached by Groove Korea who had an interest in what we are up to.

Groove Picture

Groove magazine is a major go-to publications for expats living in Korea for news analysis, community, music, sports and food coverage. It was an excellent opportunity for Makgeolli Mamas & Papas to share our passion for Korean traditional liquor and our sense of community with the wider expat population in Korea.

Groove’s writer and photographer Beryl Sinclair joined us on one of our regular meetings which we hold every 3 weeks, and delved into our world of makgeolli talk and enjoyment. She also conducted interviews with members of our community and with some of our esteemed colleagues in the makgeolli industry.

Mak Mania

To read the full article entitled Makgeolli Mania click here

On the same page there is also an hour long pod cast feature by Chance Dorland who spent an evening with the founder of MMPK and some close makgeolli loving friends…

Or you can click below:


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