Neurin Maeul (느린마을) Homeplus & Lotte Mart Locations

We get asked all the time, ‘Where can I get Neurin Maeul (느린마을)?  Why isn’t it at my supermarket?’.

Neurin Maeul bottles


Well finally we have some concrete information about the locations Neurin Maeul is distributed.  The two major supermarket chains that stock Neurin Maeul are Homeplus and Lotte Mart.  If you have either of these supermarkets in your area, there is a good chance you will see it on the shelves.  However just to be sure, we have a list from Baesangmyeon Brewery which shows a list of locations for each.  The list is in Korean, we will be translating it in English, but for the meantime thought we would get it out there as soon as possible!


Homeplus Locations

Homeplus Neurin Maeul list

Lotte Mart Locations

Lotte Neurin Maeul List

It tends to run off the shelves quite quickly, so be sure to keep an eye on when it is in stock and snap it up when you can.

If you have any other locations that stock Neurin Maeul, please let us know so we can compile a database for other eager fans.  Either comment below, reach us on facebook, or send an email to to get in touch 🙂


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