Where do you want your Neurin Maeul?

There’s nothing like sitting down to a really good meal, or hanging out in an awesome atmospheric bar and thinking ‘One thing would make this experience even better…good makgeolli.’ Well now is your chance to make that happen.

Neurin Maeul bottles2

One brewery we greatly respect for their commitment to quality, tradition, and just because they make a really delicious brew, is Baesangmyeon Brewery.  They are the masterminds behind Neurin Maeul (느린마을) makgeolli, a brew we regularly recommend for people looking for a satisfying, aspartame free makgeolli.

They also really respect their consumers and community, and they would like to hear from you!  If there is a place in the Gangnam or Seocho area that you think should be serving Neurin Maeul (느린마을) makgeolli, they want to know about it so they can get some in the fridge.

So if you have a suggestions, simply put as many details as you can in the Google Form, and it will be accessed directly by the brewery.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all the exact details (we know it can be tough to remember the names of all the places in this big ol’ city) So just whatever small details you can give is still helpful.

Follow this link and tell us what you can!


One thought on “Where do you want your Neurin Maeul?

  1. This is a great idea! I added some suggestions to the form a while back, and I’m just curious if you’ve had any luck getting places to carry Neurin Maeul.

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