MMPK January 7th Meeting Registration Open!!


It’s a brand new year Mamas & Papas and we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the swing of tasting and exploring the awesome world of Korean traditional alcohol.  We have been meeting regularly for 5 years now, and that means we have covered a lot of makgeolli ground.  We have visited over  60 different bars in our time, so finding awesome new places that wow us can be somewhat of a challenge.  So we take it as a good sign that 2017 will be a fantastic year, when our first meeting location is so incredible we wondered how we could have missed it!


Located in the Sinchon area not too far from Hongdae is an amazing culinary find.  Not only has the food been highly praised by other chefs in the Korean dining community, but one look at the fridge tells us he also carefully curates his makgeolli selection to be some of the absolute finest.


The interior is not the largest, so we will keep the numbers at this meeting at a smaller level.


If you would like to join us to kick off our makgeolli exploration for the year, send an email to and get in quick 🙂


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