April 29th Meeting Registration Open!!!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed a lot of changes going on with us lately, and by now most of you have heard that we have officially re-branded to become The Sool Company.  However one thing we vowed to do was keep our community monthly meetings open for as long as we can, as it was such a huge part of where we came from.

So even though it’s late notice, we hope you all join us for a meeting we have been saving for just the right moment.  Usually the bars we go to are first-time visits, but this place is an exception and has been on our radar for a number of years.  It is now time to share this gem with you all, as we dine on some of the best comfort food in town!

This hidden place in Ahyeon-dong is most famous for the owner’s incredible tofu which is made fresh daily (even non-tofu lovers have been instantly converted on first bite) and his expertly fermented cheongukjang.  But of course it all has to be washed down with something, and this is one of the very few places in Seoul that you can drink his own home-made makgeolli to your heart’s content!

Come one, come all to this hearty, tasty meeting!  Email mmpkorea@gmail.com to sign up 🙂