Neurin Maeul Brew Pubs

What Are The Neurin Maeul Brew Pubs?

Neurin Maeul Making pic

These are the brew pubs of Baesangmyeon Brewery, and they are the force behind Neurin Maeul (느린마을) Makgeolli, which is an all chemical & aspartame free brew.  Baesangmyeon’s brew philosophy is all about tradition, quality of ingredients and all natural processes.  They don’t just stop at makgeolli, they have an extensive range of rice & fruit wines, including premium infused soju.    At each of their showcase brew pubs they have a large selection of fruit wines, cheongjus, sojus and makgeolli’s for take home purchase.  There are three brew pubs in Seoul where you can experience fresh Neurin Maeul brewed on site, an experience no other makgeolli brewery currently offers.  Each brew pub has a different atmosphere, but each offer similar menus and varieties of alcohol.  They also have a free membership program which gives you excellent benefits such as unlimited makgeolli, cheongju and soju for 10,000won for a 2 hour period.  MMPK has regularly visited each Neurin Maeul location, and we readily recommend them as places to get an excellent overview of the spectrum of Korean traditional alcohol.

Neurin Maul Brewery & Pub – Yangjae

BSM Yangjae

Address:                   서울 서초구 양재동 67-2 우곡빌딩

Phone:                         02-6917-8888         

Map:                             Here

Free Tasting Area:    Yes     

Atmosphere:  The Yangjae location of the three Neurin Maeul Pubs was the first to brew on site, and it is actually in the building of the Brewery’s offices.  The neighborhood of Yangjae houses a lot of offices, and the crowd at the pub of an evening is often office workers coming in for a few drinks at the end of the day. It’s a little more out of the way in terms of entertainment locations, but the atmosphere is cosy and lively, and they have a number of rooms for big groups.  A special feature of this location is that they also have an outdoor terrace for the warmer seasons.     

BSM Yangjae Interior

Recommendation:  For those looking for a casual but quality makgeolli experience.      


Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub – Gangnam

BSM Gangnam Interior

Address:                          서울특별시 서초구 서초동 1316-28 우송빌딩 지하 1층

Phone:                              02-587-7720

Map:                                   Here

Free Tasting Area:         No

Atmosphere:  Of course being in Gangnam, this location has a much more trendy and busy atmosphere than both Yangjae and Jongno.   The crowd that can be seen at Gangnam is much younger and louder, and people are more likely to let their hair down at this pub.  It is a very popular hangout, and it is not unusual to see a line or have to wait for a table, however the size of the location usually means the lines move fairly quickly.  One thing to note is that the Gangnam location is more of a restaurant and bar, and whilst you can buy some alcohols for take out, the selection is not as diverse as the other two locations.

Gangnam interieor

Recommendation:  For those looking for a more party atmosphere, or a good quality makgeolli experience in the Gangnam area.


Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub – Jongno Center One Building

BSM jongno interior

Address:                           서울특별시 중구 수하동 67 미래에셋센터원빌딩 2층

Phone:                              02-587-7720

Map:                                    Here

Free Tasting Area:   No

Atmosphere:  This is the most recent installment in the Neurin Maeul Brewery Pubs situated on the Cheongyecheon, and it is by far the largest.  It is housed in one of the biggest financial buildings near Euljiro 1-ga station, and you can certainly feel the size of the pub on entry.  However despite being so big, the atmosphere is still quite busy without being overwhelmingly so.  One feature at this bar is that you can ask for them to bring you a free tasting of the four seasons of Neurin Maeul to help you make your choices.

BSM Jongno Soju

Recommendation:   If you find yourself in the Gwangwhamun or Jongno area, this location is a nice way to finish off a day of sightseeing or stream wandering.


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Neurin Maeul bottles2

What about the Supermarket?

Don’t forget that you can also get Neurin Maeul at a number of different supermarkets in Seoul, including Homeplus and Emart.  If you’re wondering if your local supermarket carries it, check out our lists here and here.


Majung (마중)

Name: Majung (마중)

Location: Insadong

Reviewed by: Mama’s and Papa’s on: September 21st, 2013

Thoughts: A lot of houses in Insadong pour their bottled makgeolli into a kettle and call it their ‘house makgeolli’, and you never get to know what it is or where it came from.  Majung offers a very impressive range and selection of makgeolli from all over the Peninsula, and their menu has more pages for makgeolli than it does for food.  It carries almost all of the usual makgeolli you can find in bars, but also has some unusual offerings to be sampled.

Majung inside


Overall: ***1/2(3.5 stars)

Seafood Pajeon (해물파전): (Not too fishy, spicy, fresh) *** (3 Stars)

Pork belly Bokumbap (삼겹살 볶음밥): (spicy, crunchy, a little oily) *** (3 Stars)

Bossam (보쌈):  (tender, spicy kimchi, fatty) *** (3 Stars)


Neurin Maeul (느린마을): (fragrent, fruity, smooth, thick) **** (4 Stars)

Dae Dae Po (대대포): (Tasty, sweet, dry finish, enjoyable) ****1/2 (4.5 Stars)

Apple (사과 막걸리): (watery, sweet, syrupy, cider like, rich) **** (4 Stars)

Sami Inju (사미인주): (thick, honey, sweet, yogurt like)  *** (3 Stars)


Majung Bar

Majung is deep into the back alleys off the main road of Insadong, and housed in a hanok.  It has a busy atmoshpere, and it has a high turnover of thirsty customers.  The highlight of Majung is the sheer range of makgeolli they have on offer.  There is a bar which showcases bottle after bottle of all the different kinds of makgeolli you might like to sample.  The food selection is not extensive, but it does the job for accompanying the many brews.

What Mamas & Papas liked: The Dae Dae Po Makgeolli.  Of all the different makgeolli we tried, the Dae Dae Po came out on top, Majung Bokkumwith one Mama  commenting  ‘It became my favorite one as of the moment I took a sip’.  Mamas & Papas also loved having such a wide selection of makgeolli to choose from, and we could have stayed trying more well into the night.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The service. Majung Seafood Pajeon It is a busy establishment, but the waiter consistently got our order wrong or forgot to bring new bottles.   One Papa commented ‘They just took way too long on the Mak.’  Mamas & Papas were also not overwhelmed by the quality of the food, and most described it to be of average anjou standard.

DaedaepoMama Julia’s Note:  Dae Dae Po does not contain aspartame, but contains stevioside, which is a natural sweetner derived from the stevia plant.  It also uses real bee’s honey, and comes in a rather unusually styled bottle.  The ‘Blue Label’ is in the style of a whiskey bottle, purportedly because the brewer is also a big whiskey fan.  He also has a ‘Red Label’ makgeolli, though I have yet to see it on the market.

Recommendation: Majung is a great location for those looking for a varied makgeolli experience in Insadong.  Although the food is not the star here, it is a great place to get your taste buds trying a variety of different kind of makgeolli.  The atmosphere is quite loud and bustling, and they can also accommodate large groups.

Majung Outside How to get there:  Come out of Anguk Station exit 6 and walk towards the main street of Insadong.  Walk down the main art street for about five minutes until you see a street on your left ‘Insadong 10gil’.  Turn left down this street, and you should see a little alley on your right, and Majung (마중) should be at the end of it.

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 관훈동 29

Phone Number: 02-730-2985

Map: Here

Have you been to Majung before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

In The Alley – (길목에서)

Name: In The Alley (길목에서)

Location: Chungmuro

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 17th April, 2013

Thoughts: In The Alley is a traditional style makgeolli gem tucked away in a basement location. It is easy to walk past this place and not know it exists, but it offers some of the freshest and hardest to come by makgeolli and dong dong ju in town.

Into the Sky Interior

Overall: ****


Beef Jeon (소고기전): *****

Roast Beef(소고기로스): ****

Mixed Jeon (모듬전): ***

Kimchi Jeon (김치찌개): ***

Bean Sprout Jeon (부추콩나물전): ***


Baekasan Makgeolli (백아산 막걸리): **** (smooth, chalky, earthy, full)

Hayansul Dong Dong Ju (한얀술 동동주): *** 1/2 (clean, sweet, tingly, tart)
Into the Sky Makgeolli Bowl

In The Alley is a dark and traditional old style makgeolli house with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. It has a reputation for being the only location in Seoul to stock this particular kind of Dong dong ju, and the food has a mix of traditional classics, as well as some unusual finds.

What Mamas & Papas liked:. The beef. It’s an unusual accompaniment to makgeolli, but the dish Mamas & Papas were calling ‘The French Toast of Beef’ was a winner.French Toast of Beef Slices of beef covered in raw egg and cooked at the table, the sogogi jeon was tender and delicious. Mamas & Papas were also impressed by the makgeolli, which was fresh and drinkable. It is one of the few makgeollis that can boast being aspartame free, and it was evident in the taste. The dong dong ju was unusually clear and received mixed reviews. One Papa said “..start drinking this it’s your new summer beach drink!”, while another Mama said “tastes almost like flavored water.”

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The Mixed jeon.Into the Sky - Dubu Mamas & Papas were unanimous that the modum jeon was just average and didn’t do much to excite. One Mama said ‘Could have a bit more taste’. Also not much of a hit was the potato jeon, as the potato wasn’t quite cooked through.

Recommendation: In The Alley is a great makgeolli hideaway for a rainy night or cold winters day. It has a cosy atmosphere with warming food and generous servings of fresh and delicious makgeolli. The service is prompt and welcoming and it’s a great place for a relaxing evening with friends.
Into the Sky Interior 2

How to get there: From Chungmuro station, exit out of exit 1. Continue straight out of the exit for two blocks until you see the SK car service station on your right. Take a right there and head down the windy steet for a few minutes. Into the Sky ExteriorIt will first wind to the right, then to the left. You will then come to the house. Look for a sign on your left. If you have come to the end of the road (an intersection), you’ve gone too far.Turn around. It should be within a good stones throw.

Address:서울 중구 필동3가 7 Map Here

Phone Number: 02 2275 8279

Have you been to In The Alley before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Name: Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Location: Jongno

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 12th January, 2013


Thoughts: Jongo Jumak is a 5 story makgeolli house with a traditional style interior. It is a young and lively place, which is more in the style of Korean Hofs than smaller makgeolli houses. Right in the centre of the nightlife district of Jongno, this place has large turnover of young people out for a good time.

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:       **** 1/2                              Assorted Jeon(파전):  ***1/2

Style:             ***

Ambience:  *** 1/2

OVERALL:  *** 1/2


Dong dong Ju (동동주):  ****  (thin, strong, citrus, sweet)

‘Jongno Jumak’ is a large operation with many floors to suit any number of people. The atmosphere is dark and traditional, and it was packed with young people enjoying a Saturday night.

What Mamas & Papas liked :   The atmosphere. Mamas & Papas enjoyed the lively but traditional style decor. Mamas & Papas also enjoyed the dong dong ju. Mamas & Papas all agreed that it was a very light, fresh and easy to drink. One Papa said It clears the tongue quite quickly, and there doesn’t seem to be an aftertaste’

IMG_5907What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The food platter. Mamas & Papas ordered a set which included a large platter of fruit, which all were in agreement didn’t really go well. One Papa said ‘Too much fruit, not enough jeon.’ Mamas & Papas also weren’t sold on the yogurt makgeolli cocktail, which came out a little too sweet.

Recommendation:  Jongno Jumak is a essentially a hof style house with a traditional atmosphere. If you are looking for a place with a lively atmosphere, able to to take large groups of people in the heart of the Jongno nightlife district, this is the place.

How to get there:
IMG_5905Mamas & Papas somewhat stumbled on this place, as there was a problem with our original reviewing plan. We therefore do not have the best directions as yet, but will be updating soon with an accurate location.

Phone Number:  02 739 7142 / 010 6363 0869

Have you been to Jongno Jumak before?   Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

Muldwinda (물뛴다)

NOTE:  Muldwinda is currently closed for refurbishment (as at Jan 2016)

Name: Muldwinda (물뛴다)

Location: Chungjeongno

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: May 19th, 2012

Thoughts: We tried three different kinds of makgeolli served in bottles, and two different types of food.

LOCATION                               FOOD

Service:          4 * * * *                      Dubu Kimchi (두부김치):   4 * * * *

Style:              4 * * * *                     Bindaeddeok (녹두빈대떡): 4 * * * *

Ambience:   4.5 * * * * 1/2

OVERALL:   4.5 * * * * 1/2


Sanee (산이):           4 * * * *   (sweet, light, fruity)

Baekyeon (백연):     3 * * *      (bitter, strong, chalky)

Haechang (해창):    3 * * *      (sour, sharp, milky)

Muldwinda has a modern stylish interior with plenty of space and a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  There is an attention to detail when it comes to service and the menu has some unique versions of traditional dishes.

What Mamas & Papas liked: The bindaeddeok!!  Overwhelmingly positive reviews describing it to be crispy, moist and non-greasy, one Mama described it as ‘The perfect complement to makgeolli!’.  Also coming highly recommended was the Sanee (산이) makgeolli, as a drinkable crowd pleaser for those who are not very familiar with makgeolli.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: Not much!!  However some were unsure of the Dubu Kimchi.  It’s done in a very different style and some Mamas & Papas thought it to be too much dubu and not enough kimchi.  Note for future visits: You may order kimchi refills as service .


Links: Muldwinda has been mentioned in 10 Magazine here.

How to get there: Go to Chungjeongno station (line 2 & 5) and take exit 7.  Turn right immediately and follow the road for about 7-10 minutes.  It’s a quiet street, so you might feel like you are going the wrong way, untilyou will see a shining white building across the street with lights and windows…this is Muldwinda.  Or check out the map.

120-837 Seoul, South Korea 충정로3가 3-12 (경기대로 43)

Ph: 02.392.4200

Have you been to Muldwinda before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!