Jeondae Gamdaek

Name: Jeondae Gamdaek (전대감댁)

Location: Gyeongbukgung (경북궁)

Reviewed by: Makgeolli Mamas and Papas on 12th April, 2014


Thoughts: Down the winding alleyway near Gyeongbukgung station, passing an intersting mix of traditional market stores and much newer craft beer houses and restruants, you will find the rather unassuming front entrance of Jeondae Gamdaek. What lies inside is a very beautiful,  open hanook type complex. Decorated with plants, water pools containing fish in the open central courtyard, and all around busy tables attesting to this place’s recent surge in popularity. The place has a distinctly traditional feel and a great atmosphere that would be suitable for a small gathering or a slightly larger group – if you reserve in advance.



Overall: **** 4 Stars


Fatsia Jeon 두릅전 ***1/2,  3.5 Stars  (fried greens, greasy, tasty soy dip)

Pumpkin jeon 호박전   ****,  4 Stars (Crispy outside, soft interior, light)

Haemul pajeon 해물전  ***1/2,  3.5 Stars  (Egg based, large uncut veg, dense)

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Daedaepo 대대보 **** 4 stars (light, sweet, honey, floral tones)

geumjeongsan 금정산 ***½  3,5 stars (Sour palate, bite, aspertame)

Gaedo 개도  ** 2 stars (Sulfuric, wheat based, complex)

Fig Makgeolli 무화과막걸리 ***1/2  3.5 Stars (Very sweet, basic (장수) makgeolli based cocktail)

What M&P Liked: The venue. The location is situated in what seems to be a neigbourhood in flux between the old and the new. For now it is a marvelous blend of what seoul was, and what it is becoming. The classic almost bucolic feel of the interior is a beautiful compliment to this neighbourhood and is certainly something that can be enjoyed by all who visit. The food and makgeolli selection were good, but there was nothing particularly unique that stood out on our visit.

What M&P Disliked: The Service. While the service was by no means bad, or unattentive, there were a couple of things which bothered us. The pace of service was quite good considering how busy the restaurant was on the night of our visit. However some of the food items we ordered which were unavailable, were replaced with other dishes. None-the-less this faux-pas was compensated for in the typical Korean style with some additional complimentary dishes .

Recommendations: This is a great place to come to soak in the atmosphere and talk in the open courtyard over a reasonable selection of makgeolli and your standard makgeolli house fare. Visitors would be well advised to look at the menu closely, as there is a secret additional book inside at the back which reveals a more thorough makgeolli list than is present in the menu proper.


How do I get there?

Come out of Gyeongbukgung Station (Line 3) exit 2, and walk to the corner where there should be a Paris Baguette.  Turn left here (on the same side of the road as PB) and walk straight.  You will pass two right turns, and before you get to the third right, the bar should be on your right.  The entrance is quite small and is easy to miss, so take your time to thoroughly check the signs.

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Address: Seoul, Jongro-gu, Jahamunro 1 nagil 7-17.(서울특별시 종로구 자하문로1나길 7-17)

Number: 070-4202-5170

Map: here