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Over the past 5 years, we have worked really hard to build a strong community and offer the best info about Makgeolli and Korean sool to English speaking audiences. It is now time for us to renew out skin in order to grow and offer even better content. This blog will no longer be updated but you’ll get even better info on our new site: The Sool Company – The Korean Sool Specialist in English.

Hope to see you there!

April 29th Meeting Registration Open!!!

I’m sure you’ve all noticed a lot of changes going on with us lately, and by now most of you have heard that we have officially re-branded to become The Sool Company.  However one thing we vowed to do was keep our community monthly meetings open for as long as we can, as it was such a huge part of where we came from.

So even though it’s late notice, we hope you all join us for a meeting we have been saving for just the right moment.  Usually the bars we go to are first-time visits, but this place is an exception and has been on our radar for a number of years.  It is now time to share this gem with you all, as we dine on some of the best comfort food in town!

This hidden place in Ahyeon-dong is most famous for the owner’s incredible tofu which is made fresh daily (even non-tofu lovers have been instantly converted on first bite) and his expertly fermented cheongukjang.  But of course it all has to be washed down with something, and this is one of the very few places in Seoul that you can drink his own home-made makgeolli to your heart’s content!

Come one, come all to this hearty, tasty meeting!  Email to sign up 🙂

MMPK March 25th Dinner Meet-up Registration Open!

Spring is here and we are ready to get out into the fresh air and enjoy some of that crisp air and fresh Makgeolli!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.06.57

We have been visiting a lot of upscale and expensive restaurants of late, and we would like to get back to our roots and visit a more traditional makgeolli bar. We will be visiting the new trendy park in Hongdae/Sincheon area to have some old school Makgeolli and Pajeon next to the lovely green space.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.42.30

This should be a fairly inexpensive meeting, with very traditional fare and a good variety of basic makgeollies.

If you want to get lively with us then send us an email to  ^^

MMPK January 7th Meeting Registration Open!!


It’s a brand new year Mamas & Papas and we couldn’t be more excited to get back into the swing of tasting and exploring the awesome world of Korean traditional alcohol.  We have been meeting regularly for 5 years now, and that means we have covered a lot of makgeolli ground.  We have visited over  60 different bars in our time, so finding awesome new places that wow us can be somewhat of a challenge.  So we take it as a good sign that 2017 will be a fantastic year, when our first meeting location is so incredible we wondered how we could have missed it!


Located in the Sinchon area not too far from Hongdae is an amazing culinary find.  Not only has the food been highly praised by other chefs in the Korean dining community, but one look at the fridge tells us he also carefully curates his makgeolli selection to be some of the absolute finest.


The interior is not the largest, so we will keep the numbers at this meeting at a smaller level.


If you would like to join us to kick off our makgeolli exploration for the year, send an email to and get in quick 🙂

Registration for December 3rd Meeting Open!!


The silly season is officially upon us, and due to some afore mentioned turkey commitments November’s meeting has been pushed back to this Saturday December 3rd.  The weather is getting chilly and that means hot, comforting pajeon and smooth makgeolli is just the ticket!


The location is south of the river very near Goseok Terminal and promises to be some good old fashioned classic dishes with plenty of good makgeolli, cheongju and soju to be sampled.  If you would like to join us, send an email to for a spot 🙂

Registration for October 29th Meeting Open!!


Ever wondered what it might be like to be in Korea during the 90’s?  Well this Saturday we are time machining all the way back to comic books, power rangers….and of course, makgeolli!  There is a quirky bar near Konkuk University that is all decked out in memorabilia from Nintendo 64s to protractor stencil sets.


But the best thing about it, this bar actually has quite a decent selection of makgeolli!  It can be tough to get all the boxes ticked, but so far from what we have seen, we have high hopes for this bar.


So if you would like to join us for a trip down memory lane, email for a spot!

Registration for September 24th Meeting Open!!

The light at the end of that long dark summer tunnel is clear!  And we have just the place to enjoy some awesome Korean alcohol and equally delicious food.  Our meeting this Saturday will be to check out the rather new location of Wolhyang.


For those of you who might have followed our tastings in previous years, Wolhyang was one of the first makgeolli bars to offer higher quality brews in a more modern dining atmosphere.  A name which has become synonymous with makgeolli bars, the previous locations in Hongdae and Seogyeo-dong were sadly closed, and now we have a new look and menu at the Yeoido location to peruse!


One of the special things about Wolhyang is that they offer variations of their own house brew, including their wonju (which for all the brewers out there that know is the un-watered down version 😉 )


So if you would like to check out the new Yeoido location of Wolhyang with us this Saturday, send an email to to sign up!

Registration for August 27th Meeting Open!!!

Get ready Mamas & Papas, we are going old school comfort for our meeting this Saturday!  The last few meetings have been some incredible fine dining experiences, but we decided to switch it up a little and check out a little gem in the Sillim area.

better sootdae interior

Whilst there are no shortage of rough and ready makgeolli bars around Seoul, it can be a tough ask to find one with great atmosphere AND great makgeolli.

sootdae kettle

Well, fear not we have done the legwork and have found this rare combination.  Whilst we have never been to this place before, the MMPK team has actually studied brewing with the owner, so we know we will be in good company!

sootdae food

The location features some classic Korean style dishes in the old tavern style, and has been around since 1989 (no small feat for bars in Seoul!).  So if you would like to join us, send an email to 🙂

Korean Traditional Alcohol Tours

We here at MMPK have been operating Korean traditional alcohol tours for the past year or so through our network of makgeolli lovers and personal recommendations.  After thorough beta testing and development, we are now ready to launch our services to the world at large, and therefore have designed a brand new website to better showcase all the services we offer.  From tasting tours, brewery & museum tours, private brewing classes, brewing certificate courses and our international client consulting, we have developed services for all your makgeolli and Korean alcohol needs!

So if you are looking for something special and unique to do while in Korea, or simply want to broaden your alcohol knowledge horizons, check out our new service website and get in touch 🙂

Korean Traditional Alcohol Tours Website

The Masters Tour

Registration for July 30th Meeting OPEN!!!

It’s hot.  Really, really hot.  So hot that we lost our focus and the weeks rolled by without us realizing this Saturday is our favorite day of the month…MMPK meeting day!!  So we thought long and hard about what kind of booze and food would match with this weather, and we thought now is a perfect time to hone our appreciation of the clear liquors Korea has to offer!  That’s right, we are talking cheongju & soju paired with some of the best looking food we have seen in quite a while!

shijeol fish

shijeol salad

The next place we will explore doesn’t necessarily have the widest selection, but stocks a delicious cross section of takju, cheongju and soju.  But what we are really looking forward to is how it all comes together with these good lookin’ dishes!

The location is in Hapjeong, just a hop skip and a jump from Hongdae, and is some seriously fine dining.  We are always on the lookout for places that are experimenting with food pairing with top shelf Korean alcohol, and this place looks like just the ticket!

shijeol tanksuyook

shijeol veggies

shijeol interiorIf you would like to join us, email to get your seat at the table 🙂