Makgeolli Homebrew Resources

To learn how to brew makgeolli in Seoul, sign up for the 2016 Makgeolli Brewing Certificate Program.  More details about the course can be found here


Makgeolli is surprisingly easy to make yourself, and there is a growing community of people who want to try it out for themselves.  The advantage of home brewed makgeolli is that the equipment needed can probably already be found in your own kitchen.  All you need is a steamer, steamer cloths, some sterilization solution, a glass or food grade vessel, a filter bag, and you’re ready to go!

We have been teaming up with leaders in the Korean traditional alcohol brewing community, Makgeolli Makers, as well as brewing academy Susubori Academy to provide English speakers with top level brewing and tasting education.

If you are not in Seoul but still want to get the best possible information about brewing your own makgeolli at home, you can download Makgeolli Makers’ book ‘A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli’ which is the first English resource on the subject.  It has been made available for free download in PDF form, and should you have any brewing related questions or would like to share your experiences, you can join the Susubori Makgeolli Brewers Club on Facebook.  Here you will find brewers from Korea and around the world who are contributing their experiences and sharing information.


A Primer on Brewing Makgeolli – A PDF file of Makgeolli Makers’ first English language book on all things brewing makgeolli

(Click on the Link Below)

141222-막걸리 영문판(내지)_최종[1]

Susubori Brewers Club (Facebook Group) – A community of makgeolli brewers sharing their experiences and knowledge

Makgeolli Makers (Facebook Page)– The official page of expat makgeolli brewing instructors

Susubori Academy (Facebook Page) – The official page of Susubori Brewing Academy in Seoul (Korean)

Makgeolli Mamas & Papas (Facebook Group) – An open group for sharing experiences tasting makgeolli at the industry level

Makgeolli Mamas & Papas (Facebook Page) – The official page of MMPK where reviews, industry news and events are shared

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Where to Get Nuruk?

Gmarket – If you are in Korea, you can order nuruk online.  One brand of nuruk we regularly use at Susubori Academy is ‘Songhak – 송학’, and this can easily be bought from Gmarket in this link.  There are some reports of International shipping, so be sure to check if they ship to your country as well.

HMart Online & Store – HMarts are Korean supermarkets in America and other countries.  They have been known to sell nuruk under the English description of  ‘Powdered Enzyme Amylase’.  This link will take you to an online order form which will send you nuruk if they have it in stock.


Other Online Resources

Libation Association – There is a homebrew community in Northern Maryland that does anything yeast, and one of their members made a comprehensive PDF of how to make makgeolli.  It’breaks down everything from history, ingredients, challenges and resources.  If you only read one source, this is a good one.

Harmsboone – This site has a comprehensive walk-through of the step by step process of makgeolli making.  It also has some good background info, it’s a great place to start if you are a complete newbie to the makgeolli making process.



Northern Brewer – This forum has a lot of comments on the ins and outs of makgeolli home brewing.

Homebrew Talk – As mentioned above this is a good forum for people who have tried different recipes, but also has good tidbits of information such as where to find ‘Nuruk’ or ‘Nuruk’ substitutes, as it can sometimes be hard to find outside of Korea.



Babobrewing – A very recent account of one expat’s experiences as he tries making makgeolli from start to finish.

막걸리 빚는 남자   American Brian Romasky has been homebrewing for a number of years, and documents his makgeolli experiments step by step with excellent photographic evidence.  You can also read more about Brian’s makgeolli story in an interview MMPK did with him here, and also on Food Republic here.

Onthepovertyofbrewinglife One expat from Daegu documents his makgeolli making, and has become a regular brewer.

Harmsboone – This site has a comprehensive walk-through of the step by step process of makgeolli making.  It also has some good background info, it’s a great place to start if you are a complete newbie to the makgeolli making process.

Video Tutorials

ZedoMax – A how-to guide delivered by a Korean guy who is fluent in English.  Apparently many non-Korean makgeolli homebrewers get their start from watching his video.  It is a longer tutorial, running for about 44 minutes.


If you have a brewing blog, or you have any questions feel free to email and we will do our best to answer them 🙂


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