Registration Info

How do I register for a meeting?

First, check when registration is open.  This is always 10 days before  a meeting, which is a Wednesday and closes the Wednesday before the meeting (so open for one week).  You can find out if registration is open from our website, following us on twitter, or by liking our Facebook page for regular updates.

Once registration is open, send us an email at telling us you want to come to the meeting (insert date here). We will respond to your e-mail to confirm your spot and give you payment information.  You must need to make your payment before 10pm the following day (or else the spot is opened up for a different Mama or Papa).  Once you have paid your registration fee, send us an email for confirmation and your registration is complete!

             What if I don’t make the first 10 people?

You will be put on a waiting list.  If for some reason another person does not pay by the deadline, you will be offered a chance to attend based on a first respond basis.  The payment deadline is 10pm the day after you receive your registration email.

How much do I pay for a meeting?

You need to  pre-pay (via bank transfer) 10,000 won to ensure your commitment to the meeting.  This money goes entirely to your food and drink at the meeting.

             How do I pay?

Bank transfer details will be sent in a registration confirmation email.

Be sure to bring cash to meetings in case the bills exceeds 10,000 won per person.

Is there a payment deadline?

The deadline for payment is 10.00pm the day after you receive your registration email.   For example:  if you send your registration email on July 11th, you would be required to pay and register by 10.00pm on July 12th.  If we don’t receive your payment by this time, we will give your place to the next person on the waiting list.

What if I miss the payment deadline?

Your place will then go to the next person on the waiting list.  Due to the limited number of spaces, we want to give everyone as much chance as possible to attend.  We simply cannot accept late payments or registrations.

Cancellation policy?

If you cancel anywhere between the Thursday before the event or do not show up to the event, your pre-wired 10,000won will buy us some extra delicious makgeolli or pajeon that night (thanks).  If you have paid and cancel during the registration period (Wednesday-Wednesday before the event opens) we will save your money for one of the next 3 events. If 3 events have passed and you have not attended, your money will go towards expanding the world’s love for makgeolli.

Do you provide refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.  So before you pay your fee, be absolutely sure you can attend.

How do I cancel my registration/canI cancel my registration?

As mentioned above you can cancel and your fee will roll over for the next 3 meetings.  If you do have to cancel, please send an e-mail to

Where does the fee of 10,000 won go?

The fee you pre-paid goes to your food and drink on meeting night, MMPKorea does not make any profit.


 What if the bill exceeds 10,000 won/person?

When the bill exceeds 10,000W/person the richest person gets stuck with the bill.  Hahahaha, relax, we’re kidding!  Sometimes the bill will go over by 1,00010,000w, in this case we will split the remaining amount on the bill between the attending Mamas and Papas (so bring some cash).


One thought on “Registration Info

  1. I am K S Kim, Investment Manager, Embassy of Denmark in Seoul. 3 students from Denmark for their internship at Seoul Embassy and I would like to learn how to brew Makgeolli by attending your classes.
    Grateful if you could advise me of any spots availsble for Oct. 8 meeting.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards/KS

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