Midam (미담) CLOSED DOWN

This location is now CLOSED as at January 2016


Name: Midam (미담)

Location: Sadang

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on February 28th 2015


Thoughts: Midam is an established Makgeolli brewery, that produces a decent premium makgeolli we have known about for a while now. Imagine our surprise when we found out that they have their own bar!? We couldn’t believe it had slipped under our radar, and we had absolutely no choice but to check it out. It’s very close to exit 14 of Sadang station but is a little tricky to find as it is (as a lot of the bars we review are) hidden away in an alley. The beautiful and distinctive font of the the signage is also a little bit tricky to read from afar ~ so be aware, if you’re looking for it, you may have missed it!

“Prompt service, bright and airy, the free flowing layout (with open sliding doors) made actually quite small space feel much larger”

~ A Happy Mama

IMG_0333 LOCATION                                   

Service:      * * * * *

Style:          * * * *

Ambience:  * * * *

OVERALL: **** 4 Stars


Selected Pancakes (모든 전)                  * * *  (Light, greasy)

Bossam Pork and Octopus (보쌈숙회)  * * * *  (Fresh, Sweet, flavorful)

Fried Oysters (굴전)                                * * * * * (Fresh, Large, Light, Succulent) IMG_0318 IMG_0313 MAKGEOLLI: Song Myeong Sub(송명섭): * * * * (sour, dry, good accompaniment to savory foods)

Note:  Song Myeong Sub reflects the individual spirit of the brewer, and can be quite varied in it’s character depending on the season.   A great brew that can vary between sweet and thick, to thin and sour. As one regular makgeolli mama said at this meeting, “The taste seems to have changed from it’s usual palate… a bit watery, a bit bitter a bit dull”

Don’t let this put you off though ~ despite it’s changes, this is one of our absolute favorite, easily accessible makgeolli bottles.

Jeonju Makgeolli (전주막걸리) * * (Vanilla, saccharine, mild, light)

White Lotus: Snowy Makgeolli (하얀연꽃 막걸리) * * * (Sparkling, Sweet, Light, Medium Bodied)

Midam Takju (미담 탁주) * * * * (Earthy notes, chalky,sweet sticky rice taste)

Chapssal Saeng Ju (찹쌀생주) * * * * (Grassy, part dry, part sweet, boozy)

 Potato Cheongju (감자술) * * * (Strong potato taste, artificial cheese notes)

A clear makgeolli? a cheongju? opinion is split.

Note: The Chapssal Saengju (pictured above) has been advertised as a clear makgeolli. However due to its lack of sediment, and it’s high alcohol percentage we suggest that it is actually a cheong-ju (a clear sake-like rice wine). Unfortunately, the terms makgeolli and/or Cheong-ju/Yak-ju are nowhere to be found on the bottle.


The undeniable taste of potato… hmmmm

  What Mamas and Papas liked: The Service. The staff at Midam are lovely, helpful and very generous. We were waited on hand and foot by our waitress and the chef, who provided us with ample extra dishes at no extra charge. The makgeolli selection wasn’t terrific, however they were happy to find us some things that were not on the menu specifically, which turned out to be something rather tasty too! Seriously excellent staff. It had been a long time since we felt so welcomed during a meeting by our hosts.  Mamas & Papas also enjoyed the food, commenting “I felt like I was eating home food!”, and “I really liked this food, clean and neat!”. 

What Mamas and Papas disliked: The Selection. Most of the Makgeolli on offer here is aspartame sweetened, entry level tak-ju, again with one of the only dry options being Song Myeong Sub. There were a number of Cheongju bottles available for sale (Clear, sediment free rice wine) and they obviously provided their own Midam brand premium bottle, although there no other representatives from the top shelf makgeolli camp.  From the selection of cheongjus we tried, the least favorite was the potato liquor, with one mama not quite knowing how to put it into words commenting “strange…but interesting”.  

To the last drop…

Recommendation: This is a good place to come and enjoy their rather tasty food alongside a fairly varied palate of drinks options. It seems to cater well to larger group sizes, and offer relatively private sections for your group to eat and drink in. The majority of their seating is floor based, especially at the large tables. If you don’t like to sit on the floor or are unable to for whatever reason, you should be alright at a seated table if your group is between 2 and 4, but more than that is not possible.


Papa Dan’s comment:  For those customers willing to spend a larger amount of money, there are some excellent premium Soju bottles on offer. Including SeongMyungSeop’s Juk Lyeok Go (죽력고), which is a highly renowned drink in Korea, brewed by 4 generations of the master brewers family! It will set you back 120,000 at Midam.  They also serve Gam Hong Ro (감홍로) which is a strong soju infused with Asian medicinal herbs, and yields a cinnamon taste and aroma ~ this is one of MMPK’s favorites, however it is quite pricey at around 80,000 per bottle!

How to get there:  Come out of Sadang Station exit 14 and take your first left.  At the next street turn right, and then left again at the next street.  The bar should be on the corner just near then next street on your left.

Phone: 02-3474-0006

Address: 서울특별시 서초구 방배천로 10 동화빌딩

Map:  here

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Tricycle (세발자전거)

Name: Tricycle (세발자정거)

Location: Hapjeong

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 23rd Februrary, 2013

Thoughts:  Tricycle is a clean and stylish makgeolli house, tucked away from the busy main street of hapjeong. It boasts eco-friendly food, and a wide selection of fresh, unusual kinds of makgeolli. The wooden interior and classic style makgeolli jugs give it an upscale feel, backed up by quality ingredients.

Tricycle Table

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:       *** 1/2                              Pajeon (파전):  *** 1/2 Bossam (보쌈): **** 1/2

Style:             *** 1/2

Ambience:  *** 1/2

OVERALL:  *** 1/2


Yeosu Gumodo (여수 금오도):   ***   (light, clean, sweet, plain)

Damyang Daedae-po (당양 대대포): *** 1/2 (thick, sour, balanced, honey)

Jincheon Deoksan Black Rice (진천 덕산 검은쌀): *** (light pink, sophisticated, strong)

Gongju Chestnut (공주 알밤): *** (thick, fresh, sweet, drinkable)

Tricycle Makgeolli

Tricycle is a makgeolli house that takes pride in its produce and selection of makgeolli. When ordering the set menu, the manager selected the best kinds to try and brought them out in order of sweetness.

What Mamas & Papas liked :   The selection. Mamas & Papas had the opportunity to try kinds of makgeolli we have never come across before. The Yeosu makgeolli, we were told, can only be found at Tricycle or in Yeosu itself. Mamas & Papas also fell in love with the bossam. Tricycle Bossam Its beautiful presentation was matched by unique flavors. One Mama said ‘The meat is wonderful, even though it’s not the traditional style it’s a fantastic new food!’. The pajeon was also a hit, one Papa calling it ‘Quiche-like, delicious!’. The best makgeolli of the night was the Damyang Daedae-po makgeolli with a slight honey flavor.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The Shrimp Salad. The set menu we ordered came with a Korean shrimp salad, which did not ‘wow’ our Mamas & Papas.Tricycle shrimp salad One Mama said ‘It has too much onion, and I can make it better’, while another said ‘Not an exciting dish’. Mamas & Papas were also a little put off by the location, as it was a little more suburban and out of the way.

Recommendation:  Tricycle is the kind of makgeolli house you would associate with other upscale places such as Muldwinda or Moon Jar. It’s the kind of place you go to for a special occasion, or when you want to have really good quality food and makgeolli. But, expect to pay extra for it. Prices are high, though they are also fair for what you are getting.

Tricycle OutsideHow to get there: Go to Hapjeong station and come out exit 8. Make a quick U-turn and you will see a construction walkway. Walk through this and follow the hill down for about 10 minutes. Tricycle is tucked away on the left hand side of the road, keep an eye out for their sign.

Address: 서울특별시 마포구 합정동 426-1 Map here

Phone Number:  070 4196 5224

Have you been to Tricycle before?   Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

Moomyeong Jip (무명집)

Name: Moomyeong Jip (무명집)

Location: Sangsu

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: June 9th, 2012

Thoughts: We tried four different kinds of makgeolli served in clear glass milk bottles, and three different types of food.

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:         4 * * * *                          Bossam (보쌈):              3 * * * 1/2

Style:              3.5 * * * 1/2                 Chumokbap (추믁밥): 3 * * * *

Ambience:   3.5 * * *  1/2

OVERALL:   4 * * * *     


Sobaeksan (소백산):     4    * * * * (sweet, thick)

Geumjeongsanseong (금정산성):     3    * * * (sour, earthy)

Hallabong (한라봉):     3    * * * (sweet, citrus aftertaste)

Songmyeongseob (송명섭):     2.5 * * 1/2 (bitter, thin)

Moomyeong Jip is a relaxed, younger setting for makgeolli drinkers with a spacious and cool interior.  It has a dark atmosphere, but with well placed mood lighting and contemporary artwork  on the walls.

What Mamas & Papas liked: The atmosphere.  It’s not overcrowded and it has a casual feel and you can enjoy your own space.  One Papa said ‘It feels nice and relaxed and a good place to unwind’.  Mamas & Papas also enjoyed the Bossam (보쌈) with many people commenting on its unique cinnamon-like flavor.  The crowd pleasing Makgeolli was Sobaeksan (소백산) and the way it was served bubbling out of tall glass bottles.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The Chumokbap as an accompaniment.  If you’re looking for something special to go with your makgeolli, this might not be it, as Mamas & Papas thought it to be just average.  It is just rice, seaweed and spam which one Mama rolled into bite sized balls for the group.  There are lots of things on the menu to try however.  The Songmyeongseob (송명섭) makgeolli was a bit too sour for some, but if you like the sour kind this one could be for you!

How to get there:

Go to Sangsu (상수) station on line 6 and take exit 3.  As soon as you come out of the station turn right and go down the hill.  You will see 무명집 on the left, on the 2ndfloor.

서울특별시 마포구 상수동 329- 7번지 2층

Map Here

Have you been to Moomyeong Jip before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!