2016 Traditional Korean Liquor and Food Festival

We just updated about a Makgeolli and International Flower Festival happening in April, but we have another heads up about a Korean Liquor and Food Festival scheduled for the weekend of May 19-20th.  This one will be happening in the heart of Seoul at the Namsangol Hanok Village, and will feature all kinds of Korean alcohol and food pairings.

Jeonteongju and food Festival

When:  May 19th – 20th

Where:  Namsangol Hanok Village near Chungmuro Station.  Click here for details about the village and how to get there.

What:  An event showcasing Korean alcohol and representative foods, performances and activities

Website:  Click here for the website (Korean only)


We were unable to find any information about price or entry times, but we will update as soon as it becomes available!

Goyang Makgeolli Festival 2016

The blossoms are blooming and we are mid-way through this year’s cherry blossom season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more flowers to be amazed and take selfies in front of!  And what better way to enjoy the spring air and newly sprung flowers than with some makgeolli in hand?  Thankfully someone else thought of this winning combination, and made a festival specifically for flowers & makgeolli.

Goyang Makgeolli Festival


When:  April 29th – May 15th

Time:  11am – 9pm

Where:  Outdoor Square of Goyang One Mount (website in English for One Mount can be found here)  For directions follow the link and click on One Mount Transportation for a multitude of options.

What:  Free tastings of makgeolli from the 8 provinces of Korea, a variety of food dishes and performances.  Goyang is famous for its International Flower Festival which is held every year, and is one of the biggest flower festivals in Korea.  This year there will be a makgeolli festival to go along with it, so you can get the best of both festivals. The flower festival is held around Ilsan Lake and more information about it can be found here.

Get out and enjoy some makgeolli in the spring air with plenty of flowers!


2015 Jarasum Makgeolli Festival – Wrap up

Jipyeong with Fifties Girls

As November oh so quickly rolls in, we say goodbye to yet another Makgeolli Festival, and this one was truly something special.  As many may know, the last Thursday of every October is designated as ‘Makgeolli Day’.  NurukEvery year from this day, and following through the whole weekend, you can always expect some kind of celebration in the name of our favorite rice brew.   In previous years we have seen various different festivals in Seoul, but this year marks the first event outside the capital, and sets a precedent for what may be a regular fixture on the ‘must-do’ calendar.

Favorite Fish Man

                                                        Jarasum (Jara Island) has been made famous by the annual Jazz festival, which brings exceptional artists from around the globe for a weekend of good music and outdoor fun.

This past weekend marked the inaugural Jarasum Makgeolli Festival, which set its sights on bringing together not just all the makgeolli from around the nation, but also bringing food pairings from makgeolli bars and local producers.

We were especially privileged to taste the fish from this master (pictured right), who grills some of the best Godingeo (고딩어) ever tasted.  He took festival friendliness to a new level, bringing our hungry Happy Hour guests some fresh grilled fish.  Look out for this guy next time, he knows what he’s doing 🙂

As for MMPK, we had a lot of work to do!

Dan Julz InstructingWe were so excited to have the opportunity to bring all the things that we have learned to a festival, bringing tastings galore.  For anyone who might have attended one of our meetings or tours, they know that we are passionate about supporting the smaller brewers on the market, and this was a chance to bring those hardworking brewers to the fore!  We offered Artisan Tasting Sessions, with a lineup curated to show the best of what is on offer in bars around Seoul.  All brews were aspartame free and had a variety of flavor profiles that appealed to a range of palates.  The best part about the sessions?  Being able to tell the stories behind every brew, and hearing the equally varied feedback on from our eager tasters.   Below is this year’s MMPK Artisan Tasting Lineup:

Artisan Tasting - CheonbihyangArtisan Tasting - Domun Daejak







Artisan Tasting - Gotaek Saengju

Artisan Tasting - Jahuihyang









Artisan Tasting - Mangangae Bichindal

Artisan Tasting - Samyangchoon










Llwy Julz Brewers TastingBut tasting wasn’t limited to just the Artisans, the expat brewing community also brought their entries for the fourth annual Susubori Academy Expat Makgeolli Brewing Contest.  For the past four years, expats in the makgeolli brewing community have been concocting their own special brews to compete for the title.  Last year Mark Salinas took the number one spot with a brew incorporating water and mugwart brought laboriously from a hike to Bukhansan (Bukhan Mountain).



Tasting Table

This year included a diverse and creative selection, with infusions and recipe experimentation the likes of which we had yet seen.  During the festival, whomever came to the booth could taste from the ten entrants and vote for their favorite.  The winners are yet to be announced, but we will be sure to update as soon as they come through!

Brewing Class MixingIf that wasn’t all, MMPK also teamed up with Makgeolli Makers & Susubori Academy to offer free Introduction to Brewing Makgeolli Classes.  Twice a day, both on Saturday and Sunday, visitors could get their basic grounding in the world of makgeolli brewing and take home their very own brew.

Saturday Morning Class Montage


And then there was the festival itself!

Rock Stage

The main tent in the middle of grounds was continually abuzz with musical performances and food stalls, getting particularly rowdy when it hit after 8pm 🙂  And as the days dawned with crisp air (albeit cold enough for eyebrow-sicles in the very wee hours), with blue skies and mountains as a backdrop, it was hard not to be in a good mood.  Tents lined up surrounding the main tent, giving out samples of their wares as well as exhibitions of Korea’s finest representations of alcohol.

3 makgeolli bottles I Makgeolli U

As each day came to a close, the MMPK tent went into Happy Hour mode.  With endless brews and endless meat on hand, crew and visitors ate and drank the night away under the clear, star filled sky until their toes were numb.

After all the preparation, anticipation and running of the event, there is just one thing that sticks in our minds as the most memorable.  The people of our community are what make these festivals not just possible, but also joyful and just a rollicking good time.   We are nothing if not the people who support us, and that was more than evident this past weekend.  So we would like to give a heartfelt ~ Thank You ~ to our Brewers, Volunteers, and Supporters (yes, you all get capitals 😉 ) because without you, we would would never have been able to have such an awesome event.

Hungover Chat

We can’t wait till next year for the next installment of the Jarasum Makgeolli Festival 🙂

Until then Mamas & Papas 🙂


Makgeolli Day 2014 & Insadong Festival

This time of year is a busy one for the makgeolli and traditional liquor industry, with a number of festivals and events being held all over the country.   The last Thursday of every October is also Makgeolli Day!  This is a day dedicated to celebrating not just the drink itself, but all the hardworking brewers, industry professionals, and the fabulous fans of drinking our favorite brew.

This year Makgeolli Day falls on this Thursday October 30th, and to celebrate there will be a big festival in Insadong over the course of the weekend.  As far as we know the opening ceremony on October 30th will be by invite only, however there will be programs and events open to the public all weekend.  Unfortunately there is not much in the way of exact time information as yet, but we have requested more details and will be keeping everyone up to date via our Facebook page.    If you missed the chance to visit the Ilsan Makgeolli Festival a few weeks ago, this will be a great opportunity to make up for it!

makgeolli insadong street


When:   October 30th – November 2nd

Where:  Insadong Cultural Street / Ssamzie Gil

What:    Makgeolli tastings, Sommelier Booths, Exhibitions and Parade

makgeolli insadong festival


As a conclusion to the Opening Ceremony MMPK, Susubori Academy and Makgeolli Makers will be showcasing this year’s Expat Makgeolli Brewers Contest.  Ten of our keen makgeolli brewers, who have been studying techniques in our Brewing Mastery Course, have put together unique entries to be judged by attendees of the ceremony.   We will release the full results and a write up on the event shortly after it’s completion.


Of course it would only be fitting to have a celebratory bowl on Makgeolli Day, so why not check out one of MMPK’s Top 5 Makgeolli Bars of 2013 to raise a kettle!


Happy Makgeolli Day Mamas & Papas!!!



Makgeolli Festival 2014

The weather is getting cooler and being outside is a pure joy, which means it’s the time of year for the annual makgeolli festival!  Every year in October, it’s a big month for the makgeolli and traditional liquor industry.  The last Thursday of October is designated as ‘Makgeolli Day’, and there are a number of festivals and events leading up to and including that week.  Two years ago there was a massive makgeolli festival held at World Cup Stadium Park in Sangam, and we can honestly say it was one of the best festivals we have ever been to.  Ever since, we have been eagerly awaiting its return, however last year it did not make an appearance in Seoul but rather there was one in Ilsan.  As such, we sadly missed it.  But this year we are much more on our game, and can say that it will be again held in Ilsan rather than World Cup Stadium Park. makgeolli festival poster 2014 Basically the festival is an exhibition of about 120 different makgeolli brews, and there are free tastings for all of them.  That’s a lot of tastings, and we can say from experience, prepare to make a day of it!  This festival runs on the first weekend of October, so this year that means this weekend October 4th & 5th at the Ilsan Culture Park.  Here is a quick overview:

When:  Saturday October 4th & Sunday October 5th 2014

Where: Ilsan Culture Park (일산문화공원)

How to Get There: Take the orange line 3 to Jongbalsan (정발산) station.  Exit 1 or 2 should be the best to get to the park, and it should be quite close.  Here is a map for orientation.

Cost:  Free

Schedule of Events:

Makgeolli schedule

Note: Each day starts at 10am and runs until 5:30 on Saturday, 6:00 Sunday

For more information about the festival in Korean, you can check out the article here.


Some happy makgeolli tasters at teh 2012 World Cup Park Makgeolli Festival
Some happy makgeolli tasters at the 2012 World Cup Park Makgeolli Festival

So if you want to get out and about and try a variety of makgeolli, get yourselves to Ilsan this weekend!  Happy Tasting 🙂

Muldwinda: Menu

Who Is Muldwinda?

Muldwinda is arguably the best makgeolli bar in all of Seoul.  They run in close partnership with Susubori Academy, which is the premier school for traditional alcohol brewing education.  Their knowledge of craft makgeolli and their commitment to nurturing the development of makgeolli culture is unparalleled, and you will be hard pressed to find a more relaxed and satisfying evening than at this bar.   It has a laid back & calming atmosphere, and their food reflects the same quality as their makgeolli.

The Muldwinda MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu

Photo 2013. 11. 4. 오전 12 28 37

So What Do I Do For MMPK Makgeolli Week?

For Muldwinda, all you need to do is decide which day you want to go between November 7 – 17th….and go!  Except Sundays, which are closed days.  Once at Muldwinda, you can order off the MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu, or additionally from the regular menu.  Any time during MMPK Makgeolli Week you will be able to order from the above menu.

How Do I Get There?

Come out of Chungjeongno station exit 7.  You will see a Beans Bins coffee shop on the corner, turn right and follow the road until  just before you reach a convenience store on your right.  You will see a white building with windows across the road, this is Muldwinda.  Below is a simple map.
photo (1) (1)
The address is  서울 서대문구 충정로3가 3-12   Ph: (02) 392 4200 (Closed Sundays)

Tell Us Your Experiences!

If you check out Muldwinda, we want to know about it!  Take a picture of your makgeolli, food or friends and post them on our Facebook wall with a comment of your experiences.  Don’t forget to fill out the feedback card while your their with your details, as there will be a lucky prize winner at the end of MMPK Makgeolli Week.

We will be visiting each bar frequently, so hope to see you all there.  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at mmpkorea@gmail.com!

Happy MMPK Makgeolli Week Mamas & Papas 🙂

Makgeolli Festival Roundup 2013

It’s that time of year when  we start seeing some excellent makgeolli festivals pop up for us to taste at and partake in.  It can be hard to know exactly when these things emerge until it’s too late, so here is a wrap up of what we know is going on.  We have our ears to the ground and we will be updating here when we get any new information about makgeolli events coming up.


Ilsan Makgeolli Festival

When:  Saturday October 5th – 6th

Where:  Ilsan Cultural Park (Cheongbalsan Station)

What:  An outdoor festival of tasting and exhibitions of various makgeolli brewers



Ilsan Festival


Makgeolli Day / Traditional Alcohol Festival @ World Cup Park


When:  Makgeolli Day is on the last Thursday of October every year, so that means this year it will be Oct 31st

Where:  Last year the festival was held at World Cup Park in Sangam on the last weekend of October.  It was the greatest festival we have ever been to, and we have been waiting on the edge of our collective seats ever since for it to happen again this year.  However when we searched for info about the festival this year, we haven’t been able to find anything planned.  Instead we found that there was a similar festival held in May (not sure how we missed that, but we are quite depressed that we did), and no information about the October festival.  However you can guarantee that we will be checking every day and asking everyone we know about what’s happening.  For a look at some pics from last year’s festival, check out our photo gallery here.



Makgeolli Expo

When:  November 6th – 9th

10am – 5pm

Where:  Coex (Samseong Station)

What:  The largest exhibition of makgeolli incorporating traditional liquor, hansik and traditional alcohol making tools.

Website:  The Korean Tourism Site is here, and the Korean site is here, but as yet there is limited info on this year’s event.

Makgeolli expo


Got any tips about other makgeolli festivals or exhibtions?  Got any questions we can help out with?  Comment below and let us know!

MMPK Makgeolli Week!!!

What is MMPK Makgeolli Week?

You’ve heard of Restaurant Week, you’ve heard of Food Week, well now Makgeolli Mamas & Papas Korea proudly presents the very first MMPK Makgeolli Week!

Over the course of our 2 years in operation, MMPK has had the opportunity to explore, taste and discover so many fantastic makgeolli bars.  We feel passionately about spreading the word about not only where to try, but also what is best on the menu at the bars we review. We know it’s not always easy to know where to go, what to order, or most importantly which makgeolli you might like.

And so the concept of MMPK Makgeolli Week was born! We got together with 2 of the best makgeolli operations in Seoul to team up in a 10 day long event, showcasing their very best makgeolli and food. Both Muldwinda and the recently opened Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub, are experts in the makgeolli industry and have each designed a special MMPK Makgeolli Week menu. You will have the opportunity to experience the best of what these bars have to offer, as well as broadening your own makgeolli horizons.

So how does MMPK Makgeolli Week work?

Both bars have designed their own set menus for MMPK Makgeolli Week, which anyone will be able to order for the  duration of November 7th – 17th.

Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub – Gangnam 

If you choose to go to the Neurin Mauel Brewery & Pub, you must download the menu coupon below to show when ordering.  For more information and directions check out Neurin Mauel Brewery & Pub’s MMPK Info Page here.

Photo 2013. 11. 4. 오전 1 43 02

Muldwinda – Chungjeongno

If you want to visit Muldwinda, you don’t need to show anything, simply go to Muldwinda and you will be able to order off the MMPK Makgeolli Week Menu.

For more information and directions, check out Muldwinda’s MMPK Info Page here.

Photo 2013. 11. 4. 오전 12 28 37

Tell Us What You think!

MMPK Makgeolli Week is all about trying & tasting new makgeollis, so get out there and explore world of makgeolli.  What we really want is to hear about what you think!!  Whether you are at Muldwinda or Neurin Maeul Brewery & Pub, we are always listening.  Take a picture of your makgeolli, food or friends post it on our Facebook page with your impressions, or just tell us what you thought!  We want to know favorites and not-so favorites 😉

We will be visiting both bars frequently during MMPK Makgeolli Week, so we hope to see some of you there!  If you have any questions at all, email mmpkorea @gmail.com

Happy MMPK Makgeolli Week everyone 🙂

Makgeolli Festival 2012 – World Cup Stadium

A while back when the weather was not so frigid, we ventured out to check out the Makgeolli Festival at World Cup Stadium. Not having much in the way of expectations before going, we were absolutely blown away apon arrival. Stall after stall….after stall of delicious makgeollis from all over the country awaited us. Overwhelmed by the choice, we started at tent one and slowly made our way along the line, accepting free tastings from every tent in the glorious fall sunshine.

Now, we have tried our fair share of different kinds of makgeolli, but after this festival it is safe to say we have barely tasted the tip of the kettle when it comes to variety. From corn, to deodeok, to tomato, to blackbean…we were in makgeolli tasting heaven. The best thing about the festival, other than the beautiful weather and endless tastings, was that we had the opportunity to buy bottles of the makgeolli we loved and are not usually carried at your local shop.

Check out the photo gallery kindly provided by Papa Jay to get a glimpse into what it was like….and don’t miss out next year!!

Asan Makgeolli Making Success!

Last Saturday Mamas & Papas new and old made the trek out of Seoul to the Asan Folk Village to get our makgeolli making on.  The setting could not have been more perfect for a weekend out of town, and we were well occupied with all the traditional distractions at the festival.

When we arrived, the awesome team at Susubori, Hyojin and Haena had already set up ‘Camp Susubori’ in our own reserved hanok area.  The first thing we did was to dive into tasting our own makgeolli creations that some Mamas & Papas had made the week before.  A tasting tent had been set up featuring 8 different makgeolli inspirations made by expats and friends of Susubori Academy, along with a voting board for our tasting guests.

Among some of the combinations, Papa Stewart made a straight ginger makgeolli, Mama Beryl tried out a rosemary makgeolli, and Papa Dave’s version of his recipe ‘Pimp Juice’ tasted like Christmas eggnog in a glass.  As for our efforts, Mama Julia’s proudly named ‘Baninja’ incorporated banana and ginger, while Mama Monica’s attempts to recreate Thanksgiving dinner had pumpkin, cinnamon and brown sugar.

So who was the winner we hear you ask?  Well it’s no secret that Monica’ s ‘Pumpkin Pie’ makgeolli was a roaring success with 3 sheets filled with voting stars.  However a late entry by Rebecca and Dan on Sunday may have tipped the scales, as their persimmon infused makgeolli was undeniably delicious!  All in all we had an absolute blast around the tasting tent, watching everybody both love…..and not so love….our makgeolli creations.

And then came class time!  As the first class rolled in we were super excited to meet some new Mamas & Papas, and also to catch up with some old favorites.  After a short class with the expert a la makgeolli, Jo Hyojin, Mamas & Papas were itching to get their hands dirty and try out their fermenting skills.  Rice, nuruk and water were a mixin’, and our Mamas & Papas  were a brewin’!

Finally with proud grins and pots of potential makgeolli goodness in hand, it was time to kick back and pour each other a bowl of the folk village’s very own brew!  The second class soon arrived and had their chance to get down and ferment, and it wasn’t long before they joined the big long table of happy makgeolli brewers.
As the sun went down in our hanok oasis, Mamas & Papas began to slowly make their way back home.  The MMPK team and the Susubori Heroes spent the night relaxing, reveling and soaking up the moonlight in good company, well into the evening.

All in all it was everything we could have asked for in a traditional makgeolli making experience, and we are as always grateful to our super supportive (and patient!) friends Hyojin, Haena and the Susubori Academy.  We hope to be able to have more events like this sometime in the future, so watch this space!  See you soon Mamas & Papas 🙂