Unni Sarang Bang (운니 사랑방)

Name: Unni Sarang Bang (운니 사랑방)

Location: Unni dong (Anguk Station) (운니동 )

Reviewed by: Mamas and Papas on May 28th 2016

Interior shot
The Traditional Hanok interior

Thoughts: After taking a stroll through the traditional streets of Unni dong, one can stumble upon this recently renovated hanok that has been transformed into a home for Korean traditional alcohol.  With a fridge that boasts some of the best makgeolli available on the market, and an inspired menu of delicate flavors, Unni Sarang Bang can be a quiet place to dine and enjoy.


Service:         **** 4 Stars

Style:            ***** 4 Stars

Ambience:   **** 4 Stars

Overall:         **** 4 Stars

Yongha explaingin
Detailed explanations of the menu are available


Bossam 보쌈                            4.5 **** (Juicy, tender, deep flavoured)

Deodeok Duck 더덕덕            5 ***** (delicate, complex, surprising)

Guacamole & Nachos            5 ***** (perfect)

Spring leaf Jeon 봄나물 전    4 **** (earthy, green, light)

deodeok duck
The Deodeok Duck was a favorite of the evening



Jahuihyang Nabi 자희향 나바                       4**** (refreshing, light, floral)

Cheonbihyang 천비향 탁주                            4**** (citrus, tart, tangy)

Samyangchoon 삼양춘                                   4*** (milky, buttery, creamy)

Hansan Sogokju 한산 소곡주                        3*** (smokey, earthy, sherry)

Sool-ah  술아                                                    3.5*** (Strong, sweet, syrupy)

Solseongju  솔성주                                          3*** (Pine, crisp, bitter)

guacamole and chips
Few can resist Guacamole!

What we liked: The Food.  We couldn’t stop raving about the food.  The flavors were so delicate and complex, and despite the traditional atmosphere, the dishes were updated and modern takes on classic Korean pairings.  It was a first time for any of our Mamas & Papas to have the opportunity to match makgeolli with guacamole, and it was a happy experience.  We were also very pleased with the extensive selection of top-shelf brews to choose from.  Two of our guests visiting from overseas exclaimed ‘Beats the pants off anything you can get in Thailand’. 

Note:  We have received word that the chef has since changed since our visit, so there may be some food menu changes.

Group shot
A satisfied group of MMPK Tasters

What we disliked: The limited range of regular makgeolli.  No denying the fridge was truly a sight to behold, however many of our Mamas & Papas expressed an interest in trying some lower alcohol content makgeolli.  One Papa commented ‘This would be a sit and sip kind of place, rather than a drink with friends place.’

Recommendation: If you find yourself in the Anguk / Insadong area and would like a peaceful respite with excellent food and Korean alcohol, this is your place.  The hanok location also makes it great for taking visitors to Korea to experience quality makgeolli in a beautiful setting.

Outside sign
The Outdoor Signage

 Come out of Anguk Station (line 3) exit 4 and follow the main road as you pass a palace grounds on the left hand side.  When you reach Deoksung Women’s University on the corner, turn left.  Follow this street down until your third left, which will be a small narrow alley.  The restaurant is an old Hanok on the left about halfway down the alley with the doors wide open for you to come in.

Phone Number: 02-742-3633

Map: Here

Have you visited Unni Sarang Bang? Is there anything we could have mentioned? What were your likes and dislikes? Tell us your story by commenting here or on our facebook page


Jeondae Gamdaek

Name: Jeondae Gamdaek (전대감댁)

Location: Gyeongbukgung (경북궁)

Reviewed by: Makgeolli Mamas and Papas on 12th April, 2014


Thoughts: Down the winding alleyway near Gyeongbukgung station, passing an intersting mix of traditional market stores and much newer craft beer houses and restruants, you will find the rather unassuming front entrance of Jeondae Gamdaek. What lies inside is a very beautiful,  open hanook type complex. Decorated with plants, water pools containing fish in the open central courtyard, and all around busy tables attesting to this place’s recent surge in popularity. The place has a distinctly traditional feel and a great atmosphere that would be suitable for a small gathering or a slightly larger group – if you reserve in advance.



Overall: **** 4 Stars


Fatsia Jeon 두릅전 ***1/2,  3.5 Stars  (fried greens, greasy, tasty soy dip)

Pumpkin jeon 호박전   ****,  4 Stars (Crispy outside, soft interior, light)

Haemul pajeon 해물전  ***1/2,  3.5 Stars  (Egg based, large uncut veg, dense)

10261986_638968849526667_1419439274402231857_n 10322730_638968846193334_27997892239029757_n 10300774_638968762860009_3802140696933987923_n


Daedaepo 대대보 **** 4 stars (light, sweet, honey, floral tones)

geumjeongsan 금정산 ***½  3,5 stars (Sour palate, bite, aspertame)

Gaedo 개도  ** 2 stars (Sulfuric, wheat based, complex)

Fig Makgeolli 무화과막걸리 ***1/2  3.5 Stars (Very sweet, basic (장수) makgeolli based cocktail)

What M&P Liked: The venue. The location is situated in what seems to be a neigbourhood in flux between the old and the new. For now it is a marvelous blend of what seoul was, and what it is becoming. The classic almost bucolic feel of the interior is a beautiful compliment to this neighbourhood and is certainly something that can be enjoyed by all who visit. The food and makgeolli selection were good, but there was nothing particularly unique that stood out on our visit.

What M&P Disliked: The Service. While the service was by no means bad, or unattentive, there were a couple of things which bothered us. The pace of service was quite good considering how busy the restaurant was on the night of our visit. However some of the food items we ordered which were unavailable, were replaced with other dishes. None-the-less this faux-pas was compensated for in the typical Korean style with some additional complimentary dishes .

Recommendations: This is a great place to come to soak in the atmosphere and talk in the open courtyard over a reasonable selection of makgeolli and your standard makgeolli house fare. Visitors would be well advised to look at the menu closely, as there is a secret additional book inside at the back which reveals a more thorough makgeolli list than is present in the menu proper.


How do I get there?

Come out of Gyeongbukgung Station (Line 3) exit 2, and walk to the corner where there should be a Paris Baguette.  Turn left here (on the same side of the road as PB) and walk straight.  You will pass two right turns, and before you get to the third right, the bar should be on your right.  The entrance is quite small and is easy to miss, so take your time to thoroughly check the signs.

10295741_638968676193351_2458782713804397666_n (1)

Address: Seoul, Jongro-gu, Jahamunro 1 nagil 7-17.(서울특별시 종로구 자하문로1나길 7-17)

Number: 070-4202-5170

Map: here


Majung (마중)

Name: Majung (마중)

Location: Insadong

Reviewed by: Mama’s and Papa’s on: September 21st, 2013

Thoughts: A lot of houses in Insadong pour their bottled makgeolli into a kettle and call it their ‘house makgeolli’, and you never get to know what it is or where it came from.  Majung offers a very impressive range and selection of makgeolli from all over the Peninsula, and their menu has more pages for makgeolli than it does for food.  It carries almost all of the usual makgeolli you can find in bars, but also has some unusual offerings to be sampled.

Majung inside


Overall: ***1/2(3.5 stars)

Seafood Pajeon (해물파전): (Not too fishy, spicy, fresh) *** (3 Stars)

Pork belly Bokumbap (삼겹살 볶음밥): (spicy, crunchy, a little oily) *** (3 Stars)

Bossam (보쌈):  (tender, spicy kimchi, fatty) *** (3 Stars)


Neurin Maeul (느린마을): (fragrent, fruity, smooth, thick) **** (4 Stars)

Dae Dae Po (대대포): (Tasty, sweet, dry finish, enjoyable) ****1/2 (4.5 Stars)

Apple (사과 막걸리): (watery, sweet, syrupy, cider like, rich) **** (4 Stars)

Sami Inju (사미인주): (thick, honey, sweet, yogurt like)  *** (3 Stars)


Majung Bar

Majung is deep into the back alleys off the main road of Insadong, and housed in a hanok.  It has a busy atmoshpere, and it has a high turnover of thirsty customers.  The highlight of Majung is the sheer range of makgeolli they have on offer.  There is a bar which showcases bottle after bottle of all the different kinds of makgeolli you might like to sample.  The food selection is not extensive, but it does the job for accompanying the many brews.

What Mamas & Papas liked: The Dae Dae Po Makgeolli.  Of all the different makgeolli we tried, the Dae Dae Po came out on top, Majung Bokkumwith one Mama  commenting  ‘It became my favorite one as of the moment I took a sip’.  Mamas & Papas also loved having such a wide selection of makgeolli to choose from, and we could have stayed trying more well into the night.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The service. Majung Seafood Pajeon It is a busy establishment, but the waiter consistently got our order wrong or forgot to bring new bottles.   One Papa commented ‘They just took way too long on the Mak.’  Mamas & Papas were also not overwhelmed by the quality of the food, and most described it to be of average anjou standard.

DaedaepoMama Julia’s Note:  Dae Dae Po does not contain aspartame, but contains stevioside, which is a natural sweetner derived from the stevia plant.  It also uses real bee’s honey, and comes in a rather unusually styled bottle.  The ‘Blue Label’ is in the style of a whiskey bottle, purportedly because the brewer is also a big whiskey fan.  He also has a ‘Red Label’ makgeolli, though I have yet to see it on the market.

Recommendation: Majung is a great location for those looking for a varied makgeolli experience in Insadong.  Although the food is not the star here, it is a great place to get your taste buds trying a variety of different kind of makgeolli.  The atmosphere is quite loud and bustling, and they can also accommodate large groups.

Majung Outside How to get there:  Come out of Anguk Station exit 6 and walk towards the main street of Insadong.  Walk down the main art street for about five minutes until you see a street on your left ‘Insadong 10gil’.  Turn left down this street, and you should see a little alley on your right, and Majung (마중) should be at the end of it.

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 관훈동 29

Phone Number: 02-730-2985

Map: Here

Have you been to Majung before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

Asan Folk Festival 2013!!

This time of year is always a busy season for Makgeolli, and we are only now getting the time to collect ourselves and reflect on the past few months.  Back in October we had the annual Asan Folk Village Festival weekend.  MMPK teamed up with the always awesome Susubori Academy, along with their expat brewing instructors Becca Baldwin and Dan Lenaghan, to offer a weekend of open air makgeolli classes.

godubap in Asan

This year the classes were held over the course of two days, with the first class having the opportunity to stay overnight in the hanok village.  It was a beautiful moonlit night, and we all enjoyed a long night of country air and plenty of fresh makgeolli.

Makgeolli Class 2 Asan

Of course the highlight of the weekend was the Expat Brewing contest, where 8 creative makgeolli lovers came up with their own unique brew for the public to taste and rate.  This year saw some stiff competition, and the flavor combinations were nothing short of inspired.  The entries were as follows:

‘Jeolju’ – Becca Baldwin:  A 300 year old traditional Iyangju recipe with a lot of elbow grease in the making.

‘Sunrise Liquor’ – Dan Lenaghan:  An out-of-the-box Iyangju with red bean.

‘Baninja Reloaded’ – Julia Mellor: A revised (and much improved) version of last year’s entry; banana & ginger infused Iyangju.

‘Bad Seeds’ – Caroline Mahon:  A fragrant Danyangju with cardamon and cloves.

‘Creamy Cocoa Memories’ – Don Edwards:  A sweeter Danyangju inspiration incorporating cocoa and raisins.

‘Speckled Spice’ – Beryl Sinclair:  A spicy Iyangju with vanilla beans and black pepper.

‘Serious Cider’ – Staci Gray:  A carefully concocted ‘hard cider’ inspired Danyangju of apple and cinnamon.

‘Bae Saengang’ -Tyson Hanrahan:  A balanced Danyangju with pear and ginger flavorings.

Expat Brewers Info

We had two categories for the voting.  The first was the public vote, where attendees of the festival could taste and choose their favorite among the 8 brews.  And then we had the Brewer’s Choice Awards, where class takers, Susubori & MMPK Staff voted for their top three brews.

Public Vote

1st Place:  ‘Jeolju’ Becca Baldwin

2nd Place: ‘Baninja Reloaded’ Julia Mellor

3rd Place:  ‘Serious Cider’ Staci Gray

Brewers’ Choice Awards

1st Place:  ‘Serious Cider’ Staci Gray

2nd Place:  ‘Jeolju’ Becca Baldwin

3rd Place:  ‘Bad Seeds’ Caroline Mahon

Staci & Beryl Asan

All in all, we had a fabulous weekend in excellent makgeolli loving company, and we just can’t wait until next year.  A big thanks as always to our hard working collaborative makgeolli team at Susubori Academy, who pulled together to make the whole thing happen.  Check out the photo gallery below for a closer look at some of the action 😉

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Story of the Blue Star (푸른별 주막)

Name: Story of the Blue Star (푸른별 주막)

Location: Insadong

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 22nd September, 2012

Thoughts:  Story of the Blue Star has had a lot of positive write ups, the Huffington Post even calling it “One of the coolest little bars in the whole world”.  It is a rustic and relaxed little  spot, hidden in the back alleys of Insadong in a converted Hanok.  It’s run by a famous stage and film actor, Choi Il Soon, whose true passion is travel.  The food is all organic, the makgeolli fresh and unique, and the atmosphere cozy and comfortable.

Photo Credit: Mimsie Ladner

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:       ****                              Dubu Kimchi (두부김치) :  ***1/2

Style:             **** 1/2                     Mak Jeon(막전):    ****1/2

Ambience:  ***1/2                          Deodeok Gui (더덕구이):  ****1/2

OVERALL:  ****                             Pork Bulgogi (돼지고기 연탄불고기):   ****


Saeng Makgeolli  (생막걸리):   ***1/2   (soft, sweet, smooth, spritzy)

Mulberry Leaf makgeolli (봉잎막걸리):       ***  (liquorishy, fresh, bitter, interesting)

Photo Credit: Mimsie Ladner

Note:  Also available is Mugwort, Green Tea, Taro and Doraji.  These powders are added to the saeng makgeolli to subtly blend the flavors.

Story of the Blue Star is the kind of place you’d like to go to sit back, have a couple of kettles and talk long and loud with good friends.  The interior is relatively small and the tables close, but the atmosphere is a fusion of relaxation and old traditional charm.  The menu is written up on the wall on scribbles of paper, and don’t be surprised if somebody whips out a guitar and has belts out a few tunes.

What Mamas & Papas liked :  The food.  All the ingredients were fresh and of high quality, so the food quickly vanished from our tables as soon as it arrived.  All Mamas & Papas raved about the Pork Bulgogi, which comes with lettuce and cabbage wraps.  

One Mama described it as “Simply awesome!”.

The dubu kimchi was also of top notch freshness, as we discovered they actually make their own tofu.  Mamas & Papas also were impressed by the freshness of the makgeolli.  It is just simple fresh makgeolli sourced from Sangju, but Mamas & Papas agreed it was delicious and easy to drink.

What Mamas & Papas didn’t like: The Makgeolli variations.  Mamas & Papas tried the mulberry leaf, mugwort and herb makgeolli, but many didn’t quite know what to make of it.   At first try of the mulberry leaf makgeolli, most Mamas & Papas thought it was more like a green tea flavor.  One Mama said “It would be better if the powder was mixed better.”  It was an interesting experience and certainly got us talking, and eventually it won some of us over, but overall it didn’t rate well against the saeng makgeolli.

Photo Credit: Mimsie Ladner

Recommendation: Story of the Blue Star is a great place if you’re looking for somewhere to sit and have a good long chat with friends over delicious food and fresh makgeolli.  It’s not a quiet location, so you can feel free to laugh and let your hair down without disturbing anyone else.  It’s a great place to introduce people to a taste of the old style Korea mixed with a lively energy.

How to get there:

Go to Anguk station on line3,  exit 6.  Walk a whole 5 meters and turn left down a very narrow alley between a parking lot (left) and a building.  When the alley opens up, the makgeolli house will be on your right.  You may feel unsure about being in the right place, but you are, it’s a hanok. Head on in!

Map: here

Phone Number: 02 734 3095



You can read more about the man behind Story of the Blue Star at Seoul Eats, and read another review at Hejorama, And our own Mama Mimsie Ladner did a great write up at her blog Seoul Searching.

Have you been to Story of the Blue Star before?   Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!